“I remember how she closed her eyes and moved her body as she dances alive, ecstatic and beautiful beyond measure. Open, loving, passionate!

​I witnessed Inaiya' as she changed the course of my life, she has gifted me with so much its impossible to describe. Medicine Priestess of the Beauty Way, I will always remember the trust you have for yourself and the wisdom you carry from within. Dolphin, sunlight and water, woman of bliss! Greater than imagined being of infinite grace, beauty and light. Elemental alchemist of Divine perfection dancing between magical realms and dimensions. Awe!!!"- Lauren Riley, "The Evolutionary Priestess Training"

Ambe' Inaiya Ray

Inaiya weaves over 26 years of facilitating experiential Courses, Transformational Retreats, Akashic Soul Guidance, Interactive Ceremonies for Wild Divine Embodiment throughout the world.


         Ambe’ Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess of the Beauty Way and founding Director of The Living Chalice; Academy of New Earth Temple Arts and Evolution and offers in depth experiential trainings such as "The Evolutionary Priestess", "New Earth Avatar,""Akashic Dance Alchemy™" as well as an array of Playshops, Sacred Ceremonies, Circles and Conscious Celebrations at conscious events throughout the world. Her journey of personal and planetary embodied awakening has led her to over twenty eight years of pioneering and facilitating the inner alchemy of conscious evolution and the birthing of a new earth humanity. She dynamically weaves a multi-sensory tapestry of guided frequency meditation, ecstatic dance, sacred ceremony, and Divine human curriculum to create a multi-sensory playground for our Divine essence to come out and play and share our most luminous Soul inspired gifts to each other and the world. Inaiya’s courses are dynamically alive, experientially engaging, full of warmth, humor and instilled with the creative majesty and magic of the moment.


      In addition to facilitating workshops and courses, Inaiya’ is a highly experienced Bio-Energetic Clairvoyant & Evolutionary Life Path Consultant and offers private Akashic Resonance™ Attunements, Readings and Spiritual Life coaching. Her presence as a catalyst for authentic change is radiant with sincerity, experiential wisdom and insightful care that elicits authentic freedom and empowerment through applying the foundation she creates to support you and the wings she guides into flight. Inaiya has the gift of illuminating your Divine Blueprint while polishing the gifts of your Soul so that you may flower clear, radiant and brilliant not only in your bodies but in your life. With lazar-like clarity, she delights in assisting individuals to awaken and reconnect with their Source while liberating one’s glorious potential within. 



       Inaiya Ray's journey of Self-discovery began as a young child who questioned everything about the true nature of reality. At the age of ten she began to receive vivid dreams of massive global destruction that activated her passion to pursue a life dedicated to being the change she sought in the world. She soon recognized her life as an opportunity to create and serve the awakening of a Divine new humanity. In 1989, Inaiya stepped fully into her soul’s deeper purpose while residing in Dharamsala, India and immersing herself in Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga and the Healing Arts. It was at that time that she had a series of awakening experiences that flowered her heart open to universal love and compassion. From that time on she has passionately embraced her natural calling as a Yogini, Integrative healer, Soul Guide and dynamic facilitator of Conscious Evolution and Embodied Awakening.​

      In 1991 Inaiya returned to California where she founded and directed one of the first progressive Yoga and Healing Arts Centers in the Bay Area. Since then, her passion for personal and planetary awakening has lead her to over twenty six years of facilitating transformational workshops, Conscious Evolution and the Sacred Temple Arts in premier Yoga, Wellness centers and sacred sites throughout the world. Inaiya now resides in British Columbia where she continues to passionately serve the awakened embodiment of a Divine new Earth humanity!

Divine Pallette

  Agent of Big LOVE

Ordained Minister

Earth Guardian

Evolutionary Priestess

New Earth Avatar

Sacred Ceremonialist

Evolutionary Muse

Energy Healer

Akashic Clairvoyant Akashic Record Reader


Evolutionary Arts

Evolutionary Life Coach 

Rites of Passage

Sacred Feminine & Masculine Empowerment.

Creative Integration Ceremonies for events and conferences.

Temple Arts  

Evolutionary Priestess 

Sacred Ceremonialist

Akashic Dance 

Breath of Life Rebirther

Vinyasa Flow Yoga ​

Temple Dance

Gaian Tantra

​Chi Nei Tsang, Taoist Arts​​​ ​


Oracle Arts

Divine Human Frequency 

Lightbody Activation

Awakened Heart Circle

New Earth Ritual and Sacred Ceremonies


Expressive Arts

The Inner Dance ™

Sacred Theater

New Earth Ritual Prayerformance​

Improvisational Dance


2010 - present

2010 - present

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