You are invited to align with the majesty of your true presence as a Divine Being and bring a new embodied consciousness into the world and all
areas of your life:




“You are invited to join a Council of awakened hearts for a once in a lifetime  inter-activation Ceremony at Ayers Rock/Uluru. This ceremony will realign us to the toradial gateway of the Golden Light Age, a frequency band of New Earth Creatorship that amplifies and accelerates our personal and collective Unified Heart Dream and into our physical experience. As we receive the power and grace of this frequency band, we begin to create “soul pods of light” with Unified Heart Humans and other multi-dimensional beings that further supports the building of an awakened new Humanity, a stream of realized light consciousness directing the Divine Design and eternal harmonics of

the New Earth.” 


The New Earth Avatar Temple Arts Training with Ambe’ Ray is a living transmission of the eternal, ever-evolving, cosmic dance of life and a life changing invitation to truly come home to your Authentic Self, becoming a Co-Creator of an emerging New Earth Humanity. Together we will build the Unimagined Bridges that lead Humanity into a brand new way of being!
The New Earth Avatar represents the embrace of your entire life as a gift and offering
to this world. Every level of your being from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from the cosmos to human life is brought into alignment through living at the center and Source of
all that is wishing to be born from within you as your living legacy for living in Oneness
with all of creation. 


         This experiential training is a discovery ground for Creative Self mastery and birthing your most magnificent Self into being while awakening you to ever-finer frequencies of innermost experience, forever leading you beyond the confines of who you believe yourself to be. The New Earth Avatar training is an invitation to partner with the Earth by opening fully and attuning to one’s authentic nature, the pure Intelligence of the Divine Self in relationship to the Natural world. With our reverence and respect, grounded in innocence and pure open receptivity, we enter a landscape of infinite gifting potentiality accessed through the language of frequency, ecstatic embodiment, extrasensory perception, silence and subtlety. We partner with the trilogies of Self, Gaia & Divinity to lead us into our own vast Creative Self Mastery and Divine Human potential that is the very genesis medium to birth and usher in a New Earth Humanity.


Just a small taste of what you will experience



• Delve into an experiential array of Temple Arts Modalities to deepen, expand & embellish all of your Sacred Arts & Divine Human Gifts.



• Explore expanded states of consciousness that align you with the Core Essence and light of your being as a conscious conduit and creator with all realms and dimensions.



• Purify and clarify the physical vehicle through Kundalini & Taoist Yoga and wholesome gourmet foods and elixers.



•Turn on your light body, move into the 5th dimension and unleash your

wild and awakened heart of creative passion and Awakened Avatar potential.



•Turn on your Earth Guardian Glyph

and activate your unique Soul Star specialties as your

greatest offering and legacy.



• Generate the Divine Human Frequency and life hormone to turn on your original design to be a creator and bestower of Life,Love & Joy! 




Module ONE:

Emergence of the Avatar: Being the Gift that Blesses the World.

Trinity With: Self, Source and Divinity

Explorations: The Art and Soul of Divine Human Emergence. Life happens through you. Envision, activate and engineer your unique New Earth Avatar Artisan. Be a part of engineering the New Archetypes that are engineering the New Earth. Co-create a New Earth Mythos. Learn Interactive Circle Dynamics, Sacred Ceremony, New Earth Ritual, Art of Creative offerings, Establish Coherent resonant fields of awareness and frequency.


Module TWO:

Core of the Avatar: Embodying the Center and Source of the Universe 

Trinity with: Earth, Cosmic and Galactic Embodiment

Modalities: Cultivate your connection to the core - to the belly, to the womb, to your kundalini and creative life force energy. Embodied Explorations in New Earth Avatar Kundalini Yoga, Taoist Tantric Arts and Awakened Womb Wisdom. Tools and techniques in Rejuvenation & Longevity. Self-care practices that will uplift and nourish your body, life and healing services.


Module THREE:

Awakened Heart of the Avatar: Blessing this world through Beauty love intelligence

Trinity with: Original Life, Love and Joy

Modalities: Breathe of Life, Sacred Theatre, Improvisational Dance & Prayerformance. New Earth Artistry, The Gifting Circuit, Enchanting Gaia, Living life as a perpetual Offering, Ancient Future Song Lines.


Module FOUR:

Ecstasy of the Avatar: Opening as Divine Bliss and Radiance

Trinity: Purpose, Passion, Pleasure

Modalities: Sacred & Tantric Dance, Gaian Tantra, BeautyWay Alchemy, The art and alchemy Deep Self Nourishment and radical Self love, Opening your sensual intelligence bodies of awareness and reconnecting with your Wild Feminine Essence.


Module FIVE:

Oracle of the Avatar: Explorations in the Body of Oneness

Trinity: Omnipresence, Omnisentience, OmniGaia

Explorations in Omnipresence and Multi-Sensory Perception Modalities: The Akashic Priestess, Subtle Energy, Frequency & Sound, Light body activation, Awakened Dreamer, Full Sensory Perception, language of Light, Group Sound Journey, The art of manifesting and materializing your dreams.


Module SIX:

Collective Avatar, Weaving the Golden Tapestry of Oneness

Trinity: Con~sense~us, Co-Creation and Collaberation

Modalities: New Earth Social Artistry, Life as Living Ceremony, Co-dreaming the New Earth Community,

Spirit in Action & Building unimagined bridges. Inter-activation Toolbox.


The Chalice will be open to 13 initiates. Sign up NOW and reserve your place!


As a powerful next step into the, we are inviting you to secure your place within the Living Chalice and let your magnificent journey begin NOW!

Suggested Donation/Tuition for this eigh day retreat is $2,222

Space is limites to 13. Reserve your place now by sending a $333 deposit.



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