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Ground your Essence * Dance your Soul!


“Are you being called to dance in a new way of living and loving in beauty?.”


         Akashic Dance Alchemy is in essence a sound, dance and soul movement modality that guides participants into greater wholeness and the embodiment of their Divine Human. Through an inner and outer form of dance, creative expression woven with dynamic group inter-activation we come to embody our highest potential and deepen our connectivity to life, each other and the love, beauty intelligence of the Universe. Through the portal of our open and awakened hearts, the Akashic Dance will guide you through a seven stage inner and outer transformational alchemy that creates Consciousness, Cultivation, Coherence, Congruence, Connection, Community and Co-Creation.        

        Akashic Dance Alchemy contributes to anyone called to lead the way of an emerging new earth culture through the Evolutionary Arts of Sacred Ceremony, Sound and Ecstatic Dance resulting in spiritual growth, a deeper relationship with one's Self, Community and the Earth.


         This experiential embodiment training is a dynamic discovery ground for Creative Self Mastery forever leading you beyond the threshold of who and what you know yourself to be. Together we will return to the Source of our authentic nature and weave our awakened hearts into a unified resonant field where we will collectively dance, share and celebrate our Soul gifts supported by the pristine energies and potent surroundings of our natural surroundings.


            Together we will attune to the pure Intelligence of the Divine Self in relationship to the love beauty intelligence of the Natural world. With our reverence grounded in innocence and open receptivity, we enter a landscape of infinite gifting potentiality accessed through Ecstatic Dance, Sonic Alchemy, Light Body Activation, Awakened Heart Circles, Gaian Tantra, Divine Human Frequency Meditations, Oracle Arts, New Earth Ritual and Interactive Co-creative Ceremony that will lead us into the highest expression of our own infinite Divine Creative potential.


Just a small taste of what you will experience…..












ONE: October 2-4th Divine Core Embodiment

Activate your Divine Essence, Earth and Cosmic Kundalini, 9 Dimensions Ceremony


TWO: 9-11th Awakened Heart Alchemy

The Inner Grail, Tantra of the Beloved & Cacoa Ceremony


 THREE: 16-18th Ecstatic Emergence

Evolution, Emergence and Embodying the gift that blesses the world.

Weaving the threads of Oneness & Community Activation Ceremony


• Delve into an experiential array of Temple Arts Modalities to deepen, transform, expand &

compliment all of your Sacred and Healing Art Modalities.


• Explore expanded states of consciousness that align you with your Core Essence and empower your being as a conscious creator.


• Turn on your multi-dimensional Self and unleash your

of creative passion, Soul purpose and highest potential.


Deepen your relationship to Self, Source and Divinity while forging an

ecstatic community of aligned and resonant awakened hearts.


• Purify and clarify the physical body temple through time in nature, swimming,

Ortho-bionomy & wholesome gourmet foods.


        Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space", "luminous", or "æther". It is one of the "five elements"; its main characteristic is Shabda (sound), the first element in creation. It is the One, Eternal, and All Pervading physical substance, which is imperceptible.

         Akasha is also referred to as "indestructible tablets of the astral light" recording both the past and future of human thought and action and holds the records of all potential known as the "Akashic records" or "Akashic library.” It is believed by some that the Akasha, Spirit, is the Fifth Element, the spiritual force that Earth, Air, Fire, and Water descend from. 

         Akasha is divided into two parts: Loakasa (the part occupied by the material world) and Aloakasa (the space beyond it which is absolutely void and empty). The Akasha is that which gives space and makes room for the existence of all.


      As a powerful next step we invite you to reserve your place by making a deposit and emailing findnads@hotmail.com AND sign up here. Each Ceremony is $444 donation. Sign up for all three and recieve $33 off tuition! $1,300

Includes Gourmet meals, use of pool, camping, full program

 at pristine provate location. 

I'm so In! Please Reserve my Place!





Ambe' Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess of the Beauty Way and founding Director of The Living Chalice; Academy of New Earth Temple Arts and Evolution and offers in depth experiential trainings such as "The Evolutionary Priestess", "New Earth Avatar,"and "The Essential Nectars" as well as an array of Playshops, Prayerformance, Sacred Ceremonies, Ecstatic dance and Conscious Celebrations at Premier retreat centers and conscious events throughout the world. Her journey of personal and planetary embodied awakening has led her to over twenty six years of pioneering and facilitating the inner alchemy of Conscious Evolution and the Birth of a New Earth Humanity. Ambe’s facilitation is dynamically alive, experientially engaging, full of warmth, spontaneous humour and instilled with the creative majesty and magic of the moment. She dynamically weaves a multi-sensory tapestry of guided frequency meditation, ecstatic dance, Sacred Ceremony, and Divine Human curriculum to create a multi-sensory playground for our Divine Essence to dance, play and share our most luminous Soul inspired gifts to each other and the world.


Aiyana Wildheart is passionate about natural ways to support the bodies healing through ecstatic embodiment. Her main practice is ortho-bionomy, working with the bodies ability to self correct, bringing balance, alignment and harmony through gentle bodywork, and supporting people on the path of their own self healing journey. She also practices Sacred KaHuna Hawaiain massage, working to help clear the energies of the etheral body and aura, balancing the chakras while restoring energy flow and release of the tension held in the physical body, with  aloha. 

         As an Evolutionary Priestess she is passionate about awakening humanity to our divine selves and help the healing our mother earth as we ascend into the golden age. Her vision is to bring peace through awakening hearts to oneness and unconditional love and reconnecting our global family. As a light worker, spiritual guide and student of this truly blessed life, she is committed to conscious evolution, through her love of dance. Her greatest joy is feeling the freedom of my spirit fly as my wings soar, my feet touch the earth and music moves my body. 




         “The Evolutionary Priestess training has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. In the space of the training, I was pierced open to the core of my being to find the seed of truth of who I was. This process was powerful and liberating. The program inspired me to express my divine vehicle with freedom and grace. I was rebirthed as my divine human Self, awakened, and illuminated to see that life was greater than I could have dreamed of.  My perception has heightened and opened to the luminosity, divinity and beauty that exists everywhere, I have opened and flourished with so much joy and love that radiates my light further into the world. To be in Ambe’ Inaiya Rays physical presence was the deepest honour, she is a magical gift in this world who has opened me, woken me up, shaken me alive, and helped me expand in consciousness, which has helped reveal my soul purpose and encouraged me to walk this path of conscious evolution, for this very special time on earth. I am in the deepest gratitude for this.”- Ayiana Wildheart


         “It is with deep honor and respect that I share with you one of my most sacred sisters. I want to whisper her name from the stars and yell her voice from the mountaintops. She is one of my favorite humans on Earth, and her embodied work is amazing.  Like so many others would testify, this work is deep, sweet, profound, and a deep homecoming. If your are you looking to up-level the Avatar that lies at the core of your creative freedom, I invite you, to take the opportunity to be a part of this living mystery school as a vehicle for the most magnificent expression of your soul.”- AA


         “Beloved Friends, but really everyone everywhere, especially facilitators holding great depth and refinement... Last week I had a *PROFOUND* session with my Beloved Sister Ambe' Inaiya Ray ...those of you who know me closely know that there is much, much much beneath the exterior and few who have come to unfold the same codes. On a personal level, I am beyond awe at the depth in which we met and the profundity of that which we have both been stewarding and cultivating, and our connection was like a reunion of souls who hadn't seen each other in 3,000 years. It's taken me a week to be able to want to share this publicly as I am so deeply unfurling and unfolding in the magic and universes whose doors were thrown open through our connection. Ambe offers profound transformational courses, readings and Bio-energetic clearings. She is the best of the best and I am honored to call her a Sister. I would work with her again and again and again. It felt like my soul was getting to come home I cannot recommend her highly enough. Don't miss this chance to meet your magnificence.” Christina Huntley- ConsciousCreator.com



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