“Inaiya was an integral part of our marriage ceremony. She took great care to listen to us and craft a  ceremony that reflected who we are and how we wanted to represent ourselves to our guests. There was plenty of room for creativity. Inaiya took her role seriously, but was also a good deal of fun. She put our guests at ease and created a great sense of inclusiveness. I wouldn't have wanted to work with anyone else. I am so glad Inaiya could be there as our guide and initiator. Inaiya brought a real heartfelt sense of the importance of the day, and she has a love
for love that radiated from her and helped everyone feel it. It was a magical day and Inaiya was a big part of that magic. Inaiya has a natural warmth and grace, and a welcoming and beautiful voice. Inaiya is able to hold the tone for consistency and is comfortable in the role of celebrant. It was fun to have Inaiya marry us. -Elisa Renee Yema 

"The time and energy that Inaiya spent with us before our big day paid off in bucket loads.  That she knew us -really knew and felt us - meant that the ceremony she
officiated for us was a truly authentic representation
of what mattered most to us.  She also had a real sensitivity to those friends and family members on the
guest list that might otherwise have been
uncomfortable with our 'alternative style'.  Inaiya's graceful yet confident presence instilled in the proceedings a sense of dignity and occasion which held our magic day in the woods together"- Johhny Boulton



Inaiya is excited to assist you in designing the

wedding ceremony of your dreams!

Inaiya Ray is an Ordained Minister and Celebrant of the Beauty Way. She officiates wedding ceremonies because of the joy of sharing love, beauty, wisdom and spirit on the most special day of your life. Facilitating a marriage is a sacred trust and highest honor.  Inaiya cares about capturing your unique flavour of love and commitment and offers the fullness of her presence to ensure your ceremony exceeds your greatest expectations. Inaiya is honored to co-create a creative, sacred and non-denominational ceremony where YOU the couple choose what best reflects and illuminates your special expression of sacred union –

Choose from a variety of themes or customize your own
Interfaith Ceremony

A combination or blend of religions which best reflect the couple’s values.
    Non Denominational

A ceremony that reflects a couples spiritual values rather then one religion
    Spiritual Ceremony

Illuminates the essence or “soul” of  the bride and groom through combining inspiring words, ritual, poetry and creative elements.
    Civil/Non Religious

No religion in the ceremony and yet still full of warmth, and heart felt meaning.
    Multicultural Ceremony

Involves combining or blending of a couple’s cultures and heritage:

may or may not have religious elements.
    Mythic Ceremony

A creative ceremony which may include attire, symbolism and ritual inspired by Mythic themes such as God /Goddess, Fairy/Elvin, Queen/King, Elemental, Pagan, or something that reflects the theme of your reception.
    Nature Ceremony

Involves combining or blending of a couple’s cultures and heritage: may or may not have religious elements. Integrates the natural setting and the beauty of the surroundings.

First half hour complimentary consultation
Interview, design and consultation with couple $200
Officiate ceremony $400 
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