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Embody your Divine Sovereignty


January 2nd-February 13th 2018 Tuesdays, 6:00-7:30 pm PST

early bird price $188

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When we see ourself through the eyes of Divinity our entire being recalibrates and returns to rest in its natural state of pristine innocence. This course invites you into a total rebirth that will prepare your being to flourish into 2018 and beyond.


Inaiya will guide you through an revolutionary recipe for birthing and embodying your sovereign Divinity as your LEGACY OF LOVE, LIFE & JOY. Immerse yourself weekly in a coherent field of Divine Human frequency, life changing transmissions and energetic upgrades that will raise your vibrational set point. Through the amplified power of our group alchemy and the benevolent guidance of the Akashic Records you will receive clear reflections to your inquiries along with poignant opportunities to accelerate your souls growth and evolution within a pristine and safely held space of kindred souls. 

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