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AkAshic Awakening

Seven Day Evolutionary Temple Arts Immersion

Unwind the Timelines of

your Soul

Reclaim your Original Innocence

Unlock the Codes to your Divinity

Reclaim your Sovereignty

Step into Awakened Heart

Centered Leadership

Embody your Essence

Activate your Inner Avatar

Raise your Consciousness

Dance your Soul


With your guides Inaiya Ray,

Aiyana Wildheart and Layla Aluna

January 29-Feb. 4th Koh Phangan, Thailand



Join Inaiya Ray, Aiyana Wildheart and Layla Aluna for a journey of a lifetime through Akashic Dance, Breath, Shamanic Bodywork, New Earth Ritual and Intimate Group Alchemy. Join us on a multi-dimensional journey through the inner alchemy of Divine Awakening and creating heart centered coherence and authentic community.


Awaken, activate and attune your life to being a Divine Conduit and Way-shower of a Divine New Humanity. Akashic Dance™ is in essence a sound, dance and soul movement modality that guides participants into greater alignment with their Divine Human embodiment. Through an inner and outer form of somatic movement, ecstatic dance, woven with Shamanic bodywork and dynamic group inter-activation we come to embody our highest potential and deepen our connectivity to nature, each other and the living intelligence of the Universe.


Through the portal of our open and awakened hearts, the Akashic Dance™ will guide you through an eight stage inner and outer transformational alchemy that awakens and activates Consciousness, Coherence, Creativity, Connectivity, Co-Creation and Community.      While drawing upon the living wisdom of the Akashic Library we will clear and cleanse the timelines of your Soul, embody your radiant essence and emerge fully empowered to offer your souls gifts to the world.


Be profoundly moved to shine your soul essence as a blessing for all


Experience Daily Yoga • Akashic Dance Ceremony • Divine Frequency Meditations • New Earth Ritual • Inner Alchemy of Evolution • Awakened Heart Circle • Divine Feminine/Masculine Leadership • Light Body Activation • Three Alchemical Ceremonies





Align and embody your Self, Source and Divinity • Heal your bloodline and timeline • Reclaim you’re wild Divine nature • Recalibrate your Limbic System • Bond with your Divinity • Rewild the body, mind and spirit • Awaken Cosmic & Earth Kundalini • Original Innocence Ceremony



Reclaim the undefended Heart • Unleash your Soul’s passion, purpose and pleasure • Activate your Gaian Codes • Unfold your Mythic Self • Activate your 12 strand DNA & Longevity Codes • Wed your Divine Beloved • Enlighten through Beauty and the Awakened Senses • Love in the 5th dimension • Orchid Temple Ceremony



Activate your New Earth Avatar • Attune your Subtle Energy Body to the 9 Dimensions • Awaken your Light Body • Unfold Your Supernatural Gifts • The Art of Symbiosis • Living from Oneness • Open the Gifting Circuit • Rainbow Dragon Heart Ceremony


Meet your Guidesses

Inaiya Ray: Lead Facilitator

Founder of the Living Chalice, New Earth Temple Arts for a Divine New Humanity

Master of Ceremonies, Akashic Oracle, Soul Alchemist


        Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess of the Beauty Way and founding Director of The Living Chalice, Academy of New Earth Temple Arts. She offers in-depth experiential trainings such as "The Evolutionary Priestess" and "New Earth Avatar," as well as an array of Playshops, Sacred Ceremonies and Akashic Dance™ throughout the world. Her journey of personal and planetary embodied awakening has led her to over three decades of pioneering and facilitating the inner alchemy of Conscious Evolution and the Birthing of a New Earth Humanity. Inaiya’s facilitation is dynamically alive, experientially engaging, full of spontaneous humour and instilled with the creative majesty and magic of the moment. Inaiya guides individuals to inhabit their full multidimensional potential through weaving an experiential odyssey of Temple Arts infused with frequency, sonic soundscapes and inter-activations that generate an ecstatic field of Oneness and Beauty.

As an experienced Akashic Clairvoyant & Evolutionary Life Path Consultant, Inaiya offers private Intuitive Akashic Energetic clearings and energetic attunements. She delights in illuminating your Divine Blueprint while polishing the gifts of your Soul so that you may flower clear, radiant and brilliant not only in your bodies but in your lives. Inaiya presently lives in Bali and continues to serve countless beings in living their greater than imagined Life. Learn more at:


Aiyana Wildheart

Shamanic Healer, Evolutionary Priestess, Orthobionomy Bodyworker


Aloha. I’m Aiyana Wildheart, Priestess of the Beauty Way. I live in the powerful central Australian desert where I work as an Orthobionomist and Healer. I have been working with Shamanism and herbal medicines for the past 5 years, realigning with nature and assisting people to find natural ways of healing. I am also an emissary of Doterra essential oils, and continue to learn more each day about the benefits of these high vibrational plant spirits. My work continues to pull me into the central heart of this continent where the energies for deep connection to spirit and country are most potent. My deepest love is to dance the endless spiral of love and unity and travel alongside my beloved brothers and sisters in ceremony as we remember ourselves as one family. I have participated in Inaiya Rays Evolutionary Priestess and Akashic Dance Training and am excited to share my gifts and be a part of co-creating profound beauty alongside Inaiya as one of my greatest dreams.


Layla Aluna

Breathwork Facilitator, Bliss Yoga, Sacred Ceremony


Layla Aluna is an embodied Priestess of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. Her offerings allow you to witness yourself more fully and lovingly with radical self-acceptance and surrender to your true Divine Essence. She works mainly through three gateways to enter expanded consciousness: movement, sound and breath. She is a qualified Breath of Bliss facilitator, Yoga teacher and healer/bodyworker. This is a path she has been living for many years while training in India, Thailand and Bali. The elements of air and water are natural to her essence.

She found a deeper connection with ceremonial way of living and honouring the Earth throughout her travels in Central America. She has a strong connection with plant medicine teachers and uses the sacred medicine of Cacao in her ceremonies to allow the connection with your heart and higher self. She has learned ways of praying through songs, Temazcal and Moondance. Merging the elemental worlds, she brings her unique alchemy of sweetness and depth, softness and fire of angelic realms and Earth priestess connection to create a magical terrain to celebrate the gift of Life.

Tuition includes 6 night accomodation

at the stunning

entire program and daily delicious meals. To arrange your accommodation and food options please contact Layla at:



Dec. 11th

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