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AkAshic Awakening

Awakened Heart Series Presents:

Resonating The Cosmic christ

8 Sacred Gateways to

Living, Loving & Creating in Oneness


Beginning August 21st

 october 9th, 2018

communing on ZOOM


8 Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00 pm PST

 $333 or Bring a friend $266


What we will Practice as we learn to Resonate the Cosmic Heart Together


• A two hour weekly group mentoring session

with Inaiya Ray on Zoom


• Weekly focus on 8 different Modules through energetic transmissions, meditation, group

inter-activation and Akashic insights.


• Discover and embody the 8 sacred gateways to Living, Loving & Creating in Oneness


Learn how to utilize apparent conflict and trigger as an opportunity to open more to the love that you are while transmuting everything into a novel opportunity to bless and be blessed.


• Integrate the consciousness jewels reclaimed through alchemizing one’s sacred wound.


• Powerful transmissions and evolutionary tools to heal and empower your inner Masculine and Feminine bringing them into harmony and synergy and balance.


• Rescript and reinvent your Self-image, worthiness and capacity to confidently create what you want while powerfully sharing your gifts.


• Live open in the 5th Dimensional Cosmic Heart as Divine Innocence, wonder, gratitude and awe.


• Create a living template for living from unconditional love for Self and all beings.


$266 bring a friend
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