“Now is the time to see and be seen as the Divine sees you.”

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Three/three day immersions to recalibrate, replenish and regenerate

your Divine Self from the inside out!


With Ambe’ “Inaiya” Ray of www.thelivingchalice.com

And Rebecca Pflaum of www.chakra-ma.com

Attend ONE or ALL! Naya Retreat Center, Ubud


Join Ambe' Inaiya Ray, Rebecca Pflaum and Mythic photographer Alison Burdett as they guide you on an experiential and alchemical journey through the 8 Dimensions • 8 Endocrine Glands • 8 Chakras • 8 Evolutionary Codes. Within a community of consciously creative women we will encourage one another to unleash the immortal nectars of the endocrine system and the wisdom codes held in the eight dimensions to connect to your Source of Oneness and unveil your radiant body of light and authentic beautyt.


Included are daily vibrant gourmet buffet lunch and dinner, use of luscious retreat center with pool and steam grotto, Daily Kundalini Yoga & chanting • Breathe of Life • Ecstatic Dance • Divine Frequency Meditations • Inner Marriage Ceremony • Awakened Heart Alchemy • Divine Feminine/Masculine Empowerment • Orchid Goddess Temple Ceremony • Mythic Photo Shoot 


3 Divine Human Self Mastery Immersions that will bring

forth your radiance from the inside out!


1) DIVINE CORE EMERGENCE APRIL 23rd-25th:  Align and embody your authentic Core Self, Source and Divinity .• Heal your bloodline and timeline • Reclaim you’re wild Divine nature • Recalibrate and upgrade your DNA • Heal separation consciousness and bond with your Divine Self. • Learn vital keys to Regenerate the body, mind and spirit • Awaken Cosmic & Earth Kundalini, • Return to original innocence


2) THE INNER MARRIGE, AWAKENED HEART ALCHEMY MAY 29,- 31st: Reclaim the undefended Heart and unleash your Soul’s passion, purpose and pleasure. • Activate your Gaian Codes • Unfold your Mythic Self • Live and love wedded to the Divine • Activate your Longevity Codes • Evolve your Inner Divine Feminine and Masculine to live in the 5th dimension • Sacred Sensual practices to enlighten through beauty and the Senses • Celebrate your wholeness with an Inner Marriage Ceremony •

3) FLIGHT OF THE AVATAR: JUNE 21-23rd  Activate your Avatar and be seen and soar like never before. • Fine Tune your Subtle Energy Body and awaken your Light Body • Unfold Your Divine Human Specialties, and Supernatural gifts • Practice the Art of Living from Oneness • Open the Gifting Circuit • Explore group resonance, support and co-creative synergy • Practice the art of co-creation • Celebrate your radiance with an "I Am Here” Mythic Photo Shoot.


      During these deeply nourishing and empowering immersions, we will hold the intention to reinvent our relationship with the way we see ourselves from the inside out and explore what it means to be fully expressed and seen in the world in our full radiance and beauty. 

       Through celebrating our sacred body temples, lavishing ourselves in high vibrational nourishment for body mind and spirit we will experience being transparent with ourselves and with one another - the birthplace of creativity, courage and authentic intimacy and love. Our sacred journey will be fully honored and celebrated with a professional photo shoot that will capture the essence and beauty of your Divine Essence and inner Radiance.

"I Am Here” Mythic Photo Shoot

       Your Authentic Essence carries the story and gifts of your soul. How would you most feel excited to express yourself from the lense of your Divinity? What special qualities and soul gifts would you like to capture on film? Surrounded by sacred rice field, verdant tropical jungle and a running creek, nature is the perfect setting for the Goddess at play. True beauty runs deep beneath the surface, it shines from your eyes through the light of your soul. With the full professional support of Photographer Alison Burdett we will invite the full expression of your Goddess out to shine and be seen in her full radiance and beauty.


       Ambe' and Rebecca's deepest wish for you is to ensure every breathe of your journey is nourished, pampered, delighted, inspired, lavished and that your unveiling journey is ushered in with the highest unconditional love, light, bliss, inspiration, honouring and over the top creative attention to make the vision of your inner masterpiece be elicited and captured on film in a way that makes you revel in delight and awe! 

A deeper look into the alchemy of what the "Essential Nectars" Immersions are all about


• Are you someone whom has stopped yourself from fully sharing your gifts because you

feel you don’t fit the “status quo image” of what it means to be beautiful?


• Are you someone who holds yourself back because of fear of being seen and therefore

being judged by others?


• Are you someone who stays behind the scenes until you achieve the “perfect” body,

talent, or conditions for success?


• Are you someone who feels that her contribution has no place in a world that

measures everything by appearances?


       This life changing retreat was born out of a clear understanding that the next phase of our conscious evolution invites us to truly come home to the inherent beauty and worth of our Authentic Self and unravel and release the conditioning that has kept women trapped in the cycle of “falling short” of some outside ideal or measurement of beauty that keeps us separate and playing small. How we see ourselves or “our Self image" is our most powerful tool to manifest and create a life in partnership with the Divine and fulfill our Soul’s purpose. It is time to reinvent for ourselves what it really means to be a woman of beauty, radiantly alive in her full sexual fullness, power and radiance. In essence we are being called out from under the veil…..to reveal the masterpiece that has remained hidden over lifetimes.


You are a Masterpiece.  It is your time to be seen, honored, celebrated and unveiled……Throughout these immersions we will clear and cleanse our

historical timeline as oppressed woman, freeing the density of the unconscious

and releasing the false perceptions that have kept us from emerging and being seen

in our full radiance and power.


       Through a multitude of dynamic and ecstatic body love practices we will purify and reclaim our bodies as Temples of the Divine. Through ecstatic dance, sensual tantric practices, breathing exercises and frequency meditations we will transcend our blockages and ignite our inner radiance while creating a new capacity to embody our pleasure/joy body.

       Through tapping into the wild forces of nature we will reconnect with the primordial life force of Shakti that feeds, nourishes and energizes our Sexuality, sensuality, creativity, heart fire, bliss body, and capacity to utilize pleasure as our vehicle for endless beauty.

       Through cultivating an intimate and loving field of sisterly love and support we will go beyond our prior limitations and be midwifed into sharing the unique masterpiece that each of us is as the greatest gift and blessing to each other and this world.

Meet your Guides for the"Essential Nectars" Immersions:


Ambe’ Inaiya Ray www.thelivingchalice.com

         Ambe’ Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess of the Beauty Way and founding Director of The Living Chalice; Academy of New Earth Temple Arts and Evolution and offers in depth experiential trainings such as "The Evolutionary Priestess" and "New Earth Avatar," as well as an array of Playshops, Sacred Ceremonies, Ecstatic Dance and Conscious Celebrations at Premier retreat centers and conscious events throughout the world. Her journey of personal and planetary embodied awakening has led her to over twenty six years of pioneering and facilitating the inner alchemy of Conscious Evolution and the Birth of a New Earth Humanity. Inaiya’s facilitation is dynamically alive, experientially engaging, full of warmth, spontaneous humour and instilled with the creative majesty and magic of the moment. Ambe’ guides individuals in igniting and opening their full multidimensional potential through weaving an experiential odyssey of embodiment practices infused with feeling, frequency and evocative musical soundscapes that elicits group synergy and generates an ecstatic field of Oneness.

         In addition to facilitating workshops and courses, Inaiya is a highly experienced Bio-Energetic Clairvoyant & Evolutionary Life Path Consultant and offers private Intuitive Akashic Energetic clearings and consultations. Inaiya has the gift of illuminating your Divine Blueprint while polishing the gifts of your Soul so that you may flower clear, radiant and brilliant not only in your bodies but in your lives. Learn more at: www.thelivingchalice.com


Rebecca Pflaum:: www.chakrama.com 

         Living, breathing and teaching the joy of movement, dance and yoga for over 30 years, Rebecca has traveled extensively to share her life, experiences, wisdom and Truths. Her journey with Yoga began in 1994, when she found herself in crippling physical pain throughout her back, hips and neck. Kundalini Yoga was the most transformational and sacred gift she received to recover and reclaim her body, mind and spirit. In turn, she responded to the calling to share this powerful technology with others and has since led many retreats and workshops around the world, including 7 years at the Bali Spirit Festival, Milan Yoga Festival, Evolution Asia Yoga Conference and Namaste Festival.

         Certified through the Kundalini Research Institute and an ERYT, so much of what is shared in Rebecca’s classes is inspired by the wise and wonderful teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the late Master of Kundalini Yoga. Her classes are joyful and uplifting, offering a dynamic blend of breathing, movement, postures, meditation, mantras, mudras and relaxation. This sacred science enables you to tap into your vast reservoirs of potential to feel abundantly creative, live graciously and gratefully!

         Rebecca is based in Bali at Naya Ubud, a sanctuary for hosting beautiful retreats, homestays, nourishing meals, and stillness. This is also the home of Chakra Ma, her Chakra inspired jewelry brand and Naya Academy for Inspired Arts, where she offers a Yoga Alliance recognized 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Rebecca is also a proud Mama of four sons, who have been her greatest teachers. She has a specialized certification in Pre-Natal Yoga, and is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner.


Azenya Burdett: 

       Azenya is a Priestess of the Beauty Way. With finely tuned senses and through her resonance, she encourages others to express their most radiant selves. Azenya’s presence is instantly warm and welcoming. Her expertise in professional photography, event-coordination, business development and image management have shaped her to be a wholesome professional with strong attention to detail and modern aesthetics.  Now living in Bali, Azenya lives passionately through creative collaborations, metaphysical and transformative arts and a healthy sustainable lifestyles with her family. Azenya offers private sessions enhancing inner and outer beauty through Star energy, Reiki, gemstone elixirs, sound frequency and beneficial products, allowing each individual’s authentic beauty to shine. She brings a fluid, natural, aesthetic sense to what she does, along with soft elegance and confidence.

With her refined aesthetic sense and trained skills, Azenya has travelled as a freelance photographer through Vancouver, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Europe, shooting, beauty, portraiture and fashion.

Recent contracts as Visual Artistic Director - Personal Consultant - Light Worker have launched Azenya to bridge together her skills, passions and abilities working with individuals to enhance and capture unique beauty.  Azenya is the owner of a Health and Wellness Company– helping individuals make better choices and to grow personal-empowerment.

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