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New Earth Avatar
The Rise of the Awakened Wayshower 


 Divine Self Mastery Immersion

Are you here to embody your Divinity and guide and facilitate others into a new way of living in Oneness? 
A Comprehensive Roadmap for Core Embodiment, Cosmic Heart Consciousness and creating your Living Legacy while leading others into their
Highest Divine Self Mastery
3 Private Akashic Awakening Attunements
15 Two hour Divine Self Mastery
Deep Dives
9 5D Transmissions & Activations
Life-changing Evolutionary Tools
for the Conscious Creator of a
Divine New Humanity 
"Embody the Beauty Way"



The New Earth Avatar Training is a profound experiential training of awakening to the vastness of our own Creative potential and evolving life from the authentic core of who we are. It is a conscious growing movement of beings who are committed living and creating a life of passionate authenticity which becomes the fertile ground for an emerging new earth humanity.


Awakened Heart Leadership for a Divine New Humanity

Your Divine presence and dazzling mermaid tails are being summoned to the magical land of  for an embodied journey of resonating the Cosmic Christ as we Self initiate as Wayshowers for a rising New Earth Humanity. The Whales are the true planetary Wayshowers as they hold the living records of humanities highest potential as Divine Emissaries of living Light.  As a collective of dedicated hearts we will support one another to fully embody our highest Divine blueprint and be the Wayshowers that light the way into a new way of living and loving in beauty.... We will immerse ourselves in a pristine natural jungle paradise as we activate our multi-dimensional light bodies, access the Akashic records, dance with our Soma and embody the oracular wisdom activated by our beloved whale kin. as we journey through eight rainbow light portals, dance with the whales and together usher in the golden age of Gaia

Whales & Wayshowers

All modules will unfold in a variety of natural earth temples and locations



Arrival and ancient future lore of the land


The Way of Wild Belonging
Dissolve the veils that stand between you, me, and embodied infinity. Wild Belonging is both an expression and the source of flow state, where we find ourselves whole, found and at home inside our very own skin! Wild Belonging is about having the faith to trust in the “Grand Organised Design” of the multiverse, so we are free to express fully as Sovereign and Divine Creator beings!


The Way of the Awakened Heart Circle
Deepen in the capacity to guide unified resonant fields of awakened consciousness and access Divine Frequencies. Activate your codes of light along with a library of embodied wisdom that supports you to express your unique offerings in a language of non-dual Oneness.

DAY FOUR: Whale Swim


The Way of the Cosmic Christ
Embody the love beauty intelligence of the Christos Sophia, the Soul of nature who lifts the veils between all realms and dimensions and attunes us to the awakened heart fields of syntropy, synergy, symbiosis, and all prevailing supernatural beauty.


The Way of the Divine Stewardship
Awaken your Earth Guardianship and Attune your Divine specialty package as a Wayshower here to offer your unique soul codes that give Life and infuse high frequency Love into to your communities, the planet and the whole of creation.

DAY SEVEN: Whale Swim


The Way of the World Lover
Explore and embody your unique language and recipe for Universal Love. Melt the last barriers to living quantum abundance and beauty. Cultivate authentic and deep connections as an embodied emissary of 5D Love. Delight in heart centered togetherness while resonating in the We space.


The Way of the Wild Muse
Discover how Sacred play, Archetypal theatre and Akashic Dance gives us direct access to the Divine’s infinite costume closet. Model and embody inclusivity, novel potentials and opportunities for greater than imagined co-creative synergy and dynamic group harmonics amongst the wild Earth temples.

DAY EIGHT: Whale Swim


The Way of Homo~Luminous
Turn on your Light Body and extra sensory perceptions through attuning the subtle body to the invisible realms of SOMA, Sound, Light, Frequency and the Akashic Records.

Day TEN: The Way of the Planetary Priest/Priestess
Be a part of creating a new narrative for humanity through the creation of Sacred Ceremonies, Rites of Passage & Rituals that can be customized to celebrate and honour individuals,

groups and special occasions

DAY ELEVEN: Whale Swim


Planetary Earth Prayer, Ordination & Water Ceremony


What is Akashic Awakening?
Akashic Awakening™ is an energetic and somatic unwinding of the body and Soul that happens through partnering with the overlighting intelligence of Gaia Sophia and the Akashic Records. Through an inner and outer form of somatic movement woven with dynamic group inter-activation we come to embody our highest potential and deepen our connectivity to nature, each other and the Universe. In essence, Akashic Awakening™ is a transformational sound and soul movement modality that experientially guides participants into partnering with their Divine Essence while delivering you into greater consciousness, coherence, connectivity, community and celebration with the whole of creation.

Are you a Planetary Lightworker and Wayshower?
Then you should know that each being that is called, comes divinely encoded to heal, transmute and reclaim their inner majesty and in so doing assists in returning the magic and sacred mana to the surrounding land. We gather with the shared intention to open ourselves to Life and one another—to be seen, felt, witnessed, reflected and celebrated in our most authentic Divine humanity. From the moment we sit down and gaze into one another’s eyes our contract ignites and the rest is pure magic, synchronicity and grace sprinkled with sumptuous doses of temple play.Coming from all corners of the globe, participants have a unique and sacred contract to fulfill that involves giving life to our highest potentialised selves as our greatest blessing for the whole. As conduits and superconductors of Divine consciousness, we will lead and be lead, descend and ascend while simultaneously sharing our unique Soul gifts that compliment, catalyze and upgrade the collective on all levels and dimensions.




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