the inner marriage ceremony

The Ecstatic Embodiment

of the Divine Human

Ceremony 1 The Gift of the Divine Human
Embodying the gift of Divine Source, Self, Divinity


•Turn on your Divine Human Recipe to create Original Life,

   Love and Joy

•Individuate from the prison of Social Consciousness

• Graduate from Ego to living from Essence

• Return to your original state of Divine Innocence

• Experience the infinite creative and life giving capacities of the

   Authentic Self


Ceremony 2 Journey through The Nine Dimensions

Aligning your Soul Codes with your place and part

within the Cosmos and Earth


• Become a clear expression of Gaia and Divine Intelligence

• Understand the language of Feeling, Frequency and subtle energies

• Be a clear and transparent conduit and transmitter for Divine


• Turn on Light body and Make your energetic field translucent


Ceremony 3 Dreaming your most Ecstatic Life

Ignite your Divine Passion, Purpose & Play


• Get your Sacred Marching Orders

• Live at the Source of what you truly want and desire

• Tap into the peak lifetimes that accelerate your creative capacities

• Experience how your passion infuses your purpose and how this

   alignment creates endless opportunities for play, synergy and


  • "Say Yes"
  • -
  • Elah & AuSierra
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