The New Earth Avatar Temple Arts Training


“Spring Equinox 2015 is on September 23rd at 6:20 pm in which a Council of awakened hearts will offer an inter-activation Ceremony at Ayers Rock/Uluru. This ceremony will realign us to the toradial gateway of the Golden Light Age, a frequency band of New Earth Creatorship that amplifies and accelerates our personal and collective Unified Heart Dream and into our physical experience. As we receive the power and grace of this frequency band, we begin to create “soul pods of light” with Unified Heart Humans and other multi-dimensional beings that further supports the building of an awakened new Humanity,

a stream of realized light consciousness directing the Divine Design and eternal harmonics of the

Golden Age and emerging New Earth.” 




The New Earth Avatar Training invites you ​

to authentically open and attune to the pure Intelligence of Self in symbiotic and ecstatic relationship to the Natural and Divine world. With reverence and respect, grounded in innocence, radiant with pure open receptivity, The New Earth

Avatar participates in a landscape of infinite gifts and possibilities offered through the language of frequency, movement, extrasensory perception, silence, subtlety and the magic off sacred resonance.

You are invited to partner with the trilogy of Self, Source & Divinity, to be lead into your own vast creative potential and eternal cosmology as a New Earth Avatar, Emissary, Engineer and Enchanter of

an awakened New Earth!

Evolutionary Arts, Gaian Tantra,

Temple Dance, Sacred Theatre,
Light Body Activation, Ecstatic Dance
New Earth Ceremony, Sound Alchemy
Are you someone who perceives the sacredness of all life and the soul of all beings as eternal — meant for freedom and made of Divine Essence? The New Earth Avatar represents the embrace of your entire life as a gift and offering to this world. Every level of your being from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from the cosmos to human life is brought into alignment through living at the center and Source of all that is wishing to be born from within you as your living legacy for this Earth.

​As we turn on our awareness of our infinite Divine Codes and capacities, we have access to the mass data packages being held within the natural living libraries of Gaia. These libraries carry a bio-energetic signature and data package of our Divine Human potential. As New Earth Avatars we begin to finely tune our senses and tap into this living library to be the messengers and bestowers of the Soul gifts here to awaken and enchant Gaia and all her lifeforms into their most radiant expressions of Life, Love & Joy.


​"We are the Divine Human Frequency and Light Modulators vibrating open in all of our glorious innocence, wonder, and awe here to partake in an unending symbiotic dance of sublime beauty and gratitude for the unending gifts inherent in all of life."


      A New Earth Avatar is here to create and implement innovative delivery systems for soul, providing his or her community with the abundant fruit of life giving service. Embodying soul is the nature​ component of her purpose, and creating new delivery systems that are effective in her society is the culture component. With hands and heart, The New Earth Avatar is shaping new forms that she will fill with gold. With voice and deep imagination, for example, she is fashioning poems and songs to praise the world. With love and devotion, she is sculpting original social technologies to liberate human creativity and cooperation. She is a Divine design artist molding vehicles for the Mystery-distinctive channels for spirit and artful arrangements for soul. The New Earth Avatar temple Arts Training is building the arch of unimagined bridges between

the Mystery and the Phenomenal world.








Throughout this  course we will develop our capacities to nurture nature through expanding and deepening our extrasensory range of awareness and creative expression in a symbiotic relationship with the stream of conscious love intelligence that is encoded within nature and within our own Divine Blueprint

of our Essential Self.

       The New Earth Avatar oversees the cross-fertilization of Soul and world.  The world desires to be made complete through each soul. The soul and the world are fulfilled in one another.​ Facilitating this mutual fulfillment is the core of the New Earth Avatar’s Sacred play. Her palette is the intimate dance of her unique soul spark weaving with Divine intelligence. Every day, The New Earth Avatar feels the dynamic tension between nature and culture with every move. She lives, in fact, at an ecotone-the interface of the wild and the weal, at the pivot point of essence and form. She learns that she can fully serve her people only by surrendering wholly to nature as it flows through her. She thrives on contributing to her community while being faithful to her soul’s wild intentions.


Master the multidimensional languages of:​


Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine Intelligence

Plant Intelligence, Animal Intelligence, Flower Intelligence,

Crystal & Mineral Intelligence, Elemental Intelligence,

Heart Intelligence, Body Intelligence, Sensual Intelligence,

Womb Intelligence, Shamanic Intelligence, Dreamer Intelligence,

Sound, Color &Light Intelligence, Sensual Intelligence


The journey of the New Earth Avatar is a journey from awake aware conscious and Intelligent. You are invited to develop a new in depth awareness of your evolving Avatar Self through attuning to and representing an the intelligences as represented within the nine dimensions. Exploring our pathways to embodying and expressing the fullness of our Divinity is the Avatar training

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