Akashic Resonance™

Intuitive Readings & 

BioEnergetic Rebalancing  

“An Akashic Resonance session is designed to bring you into

a much deeper state of personal integration, Self empowerment ​and greater alignment with your Source, Authentic Self & Divinity.”

"Inaiya's sessions are at once utterly liberating and wholly grounding...it is the freedom that comes from using the foundation she creates to support you and the wings she guides into flight."

     Akashic Resonance™ Intuitive readings and energetic attunements are focused on clearing any and all blocks that inhibit the full embodiment of your Divine Authentic Self. During a Akashic Resonance session, Inaiya reveals and clarifies the dynamics which usually remain hidden with the deeper realms of our unconscious. Akashic Resonance is the process of tracking and retrieving the projected disowned and fragments of our Soul energy and aligning you with your natural state of Divine wholeness. 

        In just one life-changing session you will gently delve into the very inception point of your challenge to tenderly unveil the golden lesson, bring to light that which has remained hidden and retrieve the gifts that have been awaiting there all along. With fresh insights, luminous energy and renewed empowerment, you are freed to  experience greater freedom, clarity and joy in all areas of your life!

Evolutionary Life Coaching sessions are in service and support to all those who feel called to offer their creative Soul gifts and create a legacy of love that enlivens and contributes to the whole of creation. 

Chi Nei Tsang​

Internal Organ/Womb Massage

"I feel like my whole experience of healing has been blown open. Chi Nei Tsang is the core. The muscle release, deepening of breathe, healthy organ communication helped to bring all of me back into balance. ​​It felt like a return home." -Brian Livingston, Actor

Are you saying "YES" to living your most magnificent life in service to the emerging new earth? Saying "YES" to living and sharing your essential Self is saying "YES" to the Divine embodying and expressing in and as YOU! Evolutionary Life Coaching sessions are designed to get you fully aligned with your Divine Blueprint while activating your unique "Soul specialties." You will receive a precise overview of your what you are here to master and share with your community and world. Through offering life-changing evolutionary tools, frequency transmissions, meditations and key processes, Inaiya will assist you in creating the inner terrain to ground into your essential Soul Purpose such that you may truly live your passion and embody the change you wish to see in the world!

With clarity and sensitivity Inaiya has the ability to delve straight through the surface while illuminating what is in the way and the glorious potential within.

Our internal organs are the blueprint of stored memories and hidden emotions.  By applying nurturing touch, healing sounds, and inviting deep abdominal breathing, the emotional and physical blockages held within the belly open and free up. Often, unconscious memory and emotional tensions are released. The organs are balanced and tonified. Digestion and abdominal disorders return to normal. This massage frees up your “hara” so that you may experience a completely relaxed, open, and clear center. Experience a full Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage.

YES! I would love to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation

with Inaiya


Inaiya's presence as a healing guide is radiant with sincerity, experiential wisdom and insightful care. Inaiya assists us to transform everything that is in the way of our authentic Self so that we may flower clear and brilliant not only in our bodies but in our lives"-Sukha,  Movement Works Productions

"Inaiya Ray's potent healing work has been an integral key to my inner freedom and letting-go process. Her compassionate, sensitive, and light-spirited presence is a major contributor to the paradigm shift we are experiencing now, and I am honored and grateful to know her!"-S. Grace Mantle, Tanran Reiki Master, Visionary Artist

"I had the pleasure of working with Inaiya over several months, having come to her with a chronic pain condition that had lasted for years. I felt that her ability to see deeply and accurately into the many levels and root causes of my imbalance—as well as her high level of skill as a facilitator for healing—created enormous transformation that has gone many layers deep and continues to reverberate. She creates an environment that is deeply nurturing and she applies her intuitive abilities with laser-like precision. I highly recommend Inaiya to anyone who is interested in working with a clear, intelligent, loving and talented vehicle for balance and integration."- Gaelyn Larrick"

"Inaiya's intuitive healing work is undeniably powerful.  I have always been so grateful to have her creative energy facilitating wholeness in my life. Inaiya's influence in my life is immeasurable.'-Amanda Johnsen- Social worker​


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