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Weeee, through the Lions Gate we go...

Pause, breathe, ground, relax, open and attune to the feeling of your innermost heart. Feel the pulsing of your Divine spark radiating from center of your awakened heart. You are a radiant vessel of love, a living chalice and life is about to match your very heartbeat with the heartbeat of creation. As we prepare to spiral into the next octave of our precious Divine human embodiment, the Lion's Gate portal of 8·8·8 is inviting each one of us to let it all go like never before and align with the "yesness" of our hearts innermost dreams and desires.

The gift of the Lions Gate is for humanity to remember the nature of who we are as Divine beings of Love and Light. Our Embodiment takes on a new form of consciousness and authentic Divine presence. The power and presence of our Authentic Self is the true form of being, living love-in-action. Let us come together to create a completely new and intimate relationship and expression of the Source within us. These are the gifts of our Soul, sounding through each of our unique Divine Sparks and resounding into the collective shared heart. Let the streaming of beauty flow through us. The soul’s extravagance is endless. The Living Chalice invites you to encircle with us and be astounded!

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