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Cracked Wide OPEN

Dear Beloved friends, Aloha from Maui, Hawaii....where daily ocean swims and jungle dreaming is having me come alive like never before... rising from the ashes from yet another cycle of death, rebirth and resurrection. Sound familiar? These days radical change to who and what we have known ourself to be happens from a mure excursion to the health food store. We are being confronted daily by the catalyzing presence of the Queen of Death who will initiate our new life at the cost of our old one. Many of us are witnessing her destructive nature in unprecedented ways. We are confronting HER on a global way and in every area of our lives such as a health crisis, relationship or long-term alliances that no longer serves or resonate with our deepest hearts calling. We can thrive amongst these massive and at times traumatic changes by grounding ever the more deeper into our Self, Source and Divinity...and as always remembering that new life always proceeds death in the eternal cycle of creation. Like a caterpillar being consummed by its very own cells...we must fully surrender to a larger benevolent force of nature while simultaneously cultivating TRUST and expanding our FAITH in our pre-encoded destiny unfolding that is even greater than we could ever imagine. Never the less, these days, changes are happening at such an accelerated pace it can leave one spinning out and feeling disorientated. I have often found myself murmmering, Holy Mama, what on earth is happening to me and this world? In the course of two months, I have experienced more loss of cherished companions and closest friends then I have in a lifetime. I responded to these events through allowing myself to experience the whole gammat of feelings that seemed to be sourced from beginningless time. From agonizing despair, bewildered rage... to being cracked wide open to the Beloved in ways I never knew were possible. Yes....there is a massive gift in being cracked wide open! There is something to be said about being brought to your knees and cracked OPEN by life, when it feels your only option is to call out to God/Goddess from the wells of your being only to find that you are actually calling out to your own unborn Self. It is in that primordial cry that we gain more intimate access to the Beloved within, discovering an ever deeper resorvoir of Love, compassion and beauty that becomes the very lifeboat that ferrys us through the darkest of nights. Whats even more miraculous is that whoever and whatever we need to be to get through the stormy night becomes the new template for our emergent being.... complete with our unearthed soul gifts that serve to inspire our lives, community and world. The Beloved we are each becoming invites us to embrace and trust this alchemical journey, often forged in a great fire...or storm, volanoe or hurricane, creating the conditions where we are forced to rearrange our priorities and see ourselves, neighbors and even apparent strangers in new ways. Mother Gaia is gifting each one of us with the very change we have been praying for, inviting us to remember that whatever crisis we might be facing....met with your own tender uncompromising compassion and tender loving care is the very substance from which your new creation is being born.

Let us embrace change as a fierce and loving catalyst, a way forward and a golden opportunity to re-create lives that are rooted in the Divine rather than illusion....and shine our authentic soul gifts born from our heroic journeys as abundant blessings for the Earth and all beings everywhere. Bless us all for the courage to choose life again and again...I am in awe and inspired by your choices everyday and am so very grateful for your presence in my life. So much BIG LOVE TO ALL, Inaiya

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