“Inaiya specializes, just like a midwife, in facilitating the actual birth process of divine human awakening—the process of consciously birthing your True Essence (Soul/Heart) into your embodied, human experience.”



Akashic Resonance™

Intuitive Readings & Energetic Rebalancing with Inaiya Ray


Inner Glow spring Special!


One Hour Session $188 Ninety Minute Session $222

Bundle of Three One Hour Sessions $555 

Bundle of Three 90 Minute Session $666 

Divine Self Mastery Mentorship $2,333

In person or by telephone.


“The role as an Akashic Reader is to use the energy and information of the Records to recognize the soul-level truth of your essence and guide you in experiencing your inherent truth, beauty and Oneness with all of creation. When you commune with the truth of who you really are, you naturally come into vibrational alignment with your soul's purpose, hearts desires and Divine blueprint in such a way that your life becomes a fully empowered and embodied blessing for all beings!”


        Inaiya Ray is an energetic intuitive healer working directly with the Akashic Records, healing guides and your Divine Self. She draws upon 28 years of experience as an Integrative Energetic Healer and Facilitator of Conscious Evolution. Known as the “healer of healers,” Inaiya’ has assisted countless beings to come home to their Divine Authentic Self and create their greater than imagined life! While transmitting powerful frequencies, she gently guides you, “the ultimate healer” to transform the apparent blockage while harvesting the gifts that lie within. Inaiya’ delights in assisting individuals to flower clear, radiant and brilliant not only in your bodies but in their lives.


         Akashic Resonance sessions are a direct, effective and gentle way to heal, release and receive whatever is necessary to unfold and sustain the embodiment of our highest Divine potential. In just one life-changing session, you will gently delve into the very inception point of your challenge to tenderly unveil the golden opportunity, bring to light the inherent gift while reclaiming your authentic power and life-force energy.


       An Akashic Resonance Session can assist you to uncover where you are blocking your true essence through a false perception or belief that is not in alignment with your authentic being. During a session you will be guided to track and retrieve the projected, disowned and fragmented portions of your Soul energy. You will see the larger picture and the bigger pattern of your creation and identify opportunities for upgrades and soul growth. 


      Some of the Life-changing Benefits of an Akashic Resonance Session


• Receive Soul Guidance, Spiritual Counsel and learn powerful evolutionary tools that support your soul to soar and consciously evolve. 


• Clear your chakras and subtle energy field of unhealthy soul patterns, emotions, limiting beliefs, contracts, circuitry, cords and unconscious energies that inhibit and block your Divine light, Soul’s purpose and Heart’s desire.


• Move out of fear, lack and separation consciousness into your natural state of inner peace, centered awareness, clarity, truth and abundant flow.


• Heal your inner child and learn to lovingly and compassionately parent yourself through the mountains and valleys of life.


• Integrate soul fragments & heal soul fractures through past life releases, soul retrieval, generational repair, soul matrix re-patterning and DNA upgrades.


• Clear sabotage programs including any and all unconscious contracts, behaviors, vows, promises and agreements that no longer serve your soul’s growth.


• Align with your Divine Essence, upgrade your bio-energetic field and turn on your body of Love, Life and Joy!


The Akashic records

The Akashic Records hold the archive of each soul as it has existed throughout lifetimes while evolving throughout time and space. The Akashic Records are both the perfect soul-level blueprint and the catalogue of experience of an individual soul as it grows into awareness of itself as a spiritual being, Divine in nature and manifesting in the physical earth arena. 

The records contain the radiant vibrations of Light that all things generate. Every time we access the Records, our awareness is affected by this quality of Light, and we become “en-lightened” by it. The Akashic Records are governed and protected by a group of nonphysical Light Beings called the Record Keepers. These beings ensure the safety and integrity of the Records. Their role is to support us in becoming who we authentically are through taking responsibility for our lives. 

The Akasha is organized in a way that allows us humans to interact with this spiritual resource and gain insight, guidance, and understanding. The Akashic Records are non-intrusive and noninvasive. They are not aligned with a particular personality or entity, nor are thy governed or owned by any human organization or institution. They are available to all. Akashic wisdom comes from beyond the localized Self. It’s you tapping into Divine consciousness, so the answers and information you get are from a perspective that spans the Universe and covers every lifetime that your soul has ever lived. Because the Akasha is the primary substance out of which all thoughts are formed. It is manifested and recognized as love, light, peace, power, beauty, harmony, joy, strength, order and balance. The Akasha serve with objective non-judgment while facilitating your soul’s growth, healing and evolution.

Every Akashic reading is unique in allowing us to see ourselves as we are seen, known and loved by our Divinity: as essentially innocence, purity and light. On a soul level you are perfect in every way. So while your infinite soul is perfect and flawless, your finite human Self may be experiencing limitation. We recognize that these two truths exist simultaneously in two different dimensions. The intention is to bring the wholeness and perfection as close to the physical experience as possible. We learn to love ourselves unconditionally in our perfectly imperfect creations.The energetic vibration of the Records is what the information travels on so by bathing in this energy you receive and energetic transmission that unfolds over time while “shedding the dust” that veils one’s deepest truth and knowingness. 

Whenever you access your Akashic Records, the energy of the Akasha meets your human energy field and causes a kind of ‘ignition’ to create a faster vibration while the denser energies fall away and are absorbed by the earth. So merely by being in the records, you receive an “energetic tune-up” that helps you refine and elevate your own energy and vibration which in turns magnetizes what you are wanting to create.     





         "Inaiya's sessions are at once utterly liberating and wholly grounding...it is the freedom that comes from using the foundation she creates to support you and the wings she guides into flight. With over 26 years of experience, her presence as an evolutionary healing guide is radiant with sincerity, experiential wisdom and insightful care. With lazar-like clarity, Inaiya’ has the ability to go straight to the Source and liberate the glorious potential within. A session with Inaiya will illuminate your Divine essence and polish the gifts of your Soul so that you may flower clear, radiant and brilliant not only in your bodies but in your life.”- Sukha, Los Angeles


       "Beloved Friends, Last week I had a *PROFOUND* session with my Beloved Sister Inaiya' Ray .... I am so deeply unfurling and unfolding in the magic and universes whose doors were thrown open through our connection. Ambe' offers profound transformational readings and bio-energetic clearings. She is the best of the best and I am honored to call her a Sister. I would work with her again and again and again. It felt like my soul was getting to come home I cannot recommend her highly enough." -Christine Huntley, Creator Consciousness.org


        “I saw Inaiya 2 days ago. Her reading was one of the most intensely life-altering transformational experiences I have ever had in my life. I moved through 2 major life traumas, released a lot of emotion, and felt integrated and grounded afterwards. Her energetic clearing helped me become less fragmented, and get back in connection with my Source. I was a new person yesterday! She is here for three weeks, I will definitely see her one more time before she leaves. I highly recommend seeing her - she is amazing”-MM, Ubud, Bali   


        "Inaiya' has been blessed with the clear insight of a Living Master and her intuitive healing work is undeniably powerful.  I have always been so grateful to have her creative energy facilitating wholeness in my life.  One particularly moving experience was calling in and visualizing my Divine Essence self and merging that being with myself.  I was so empowered and feel I can still call on that experience to help me come from a higher consciousness in challenging circumstances.  Inaiya's influence in my life is immeasurable."
Amanda Johnsen- Social Worker


         “I am soaring in a glistening sea of beauty and awe! Inaiya’ held such a precious space for so much clarity and beauty to be born within me. I am so grateful to have shed so many layers as I uncovered essential parts of myself that have been waiting to be revealed. Inaiya’ has given me the support I needed to unfurl my heart and I am now empowered to express my authentic power and passion with ease and flow. Deep oceans of gratitude to Inaiya’ for all the work she has done on your journey for the One. When I look into her eyes I feel such re-assurance.  I see a soul that has seen, understands and feels what it is to be an empowered human. I now see myself and the world in a whole new way, with so much limitless possibility. Thank you, Inaiya"  -Kari Mathieson

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