The Divine Human Paradise Retreat 

Ecstatic Evolution & The Genesis of the Awakened Heart

Our passion to embody this Divinity is the secret drive of Evolution and the delivery system for our

Sacred Blueprint into the fertile Heart of Gaia.


















Join Evolutionary Teachers Ambe' Ray and Amoraeh Dreamseed on an epic adventure

in consciousness as we open and flower the ‘Divine Human’ Potential.

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Explore the guiding principles of our

Evolving New Humanity:

*  Fully embody your Pristine Soul Essence by contacting the unique and precious

power of your Authentic Self.


*  Engage with the Evolutionary unfoldment of the New Earth by incarnating into the

Vessel of the Awakened Heart, The Vehicle of the Awakened Body, and the Vibration

of the Awakened Mind.​


*  Finely attune your Divine Human senses to tap into the Living Libraries of Gaia.


* Become a Messenger and Steward of an Awakened Humanity through activating

your unique Soul Gifts.


*  Open to the pure intelligence of Divine Mind living in a symbiotic and ecstatic

relationship with Authentic Self.


*  Partner with the Trilogy of Self, Source, & Divinity to be led into your own vast creative potential as Emissary, Engineer and Enchanter of an awakened New Earth.

          You are invited to expand and deepen your extra-sensory range of awareness and creative expression through tapping into the stream of Conscious Love Intelligence that is encoded within your own Divine Blueprint. The Divine Human is in a perpetual state of openness which allows not only our own unlimited potential to create our reality, but literally grants the Divine Intelligence access through us to nurture the Sacred Plan of Evolution seeded in all Life.   Through attuning to our Original Vibration, our Soul Signature finds expression to ecstatically deliver its destined purpose and gift into the World.  Source desires this from you more than anything, for it is what Source encoded in you to fulfill.

        The Divine Human is born from the primordial recognition in you that perceives the sacredness of all life and the soul of all beings as eternal — meant for freedom and made of Divine Essence.  As an evolutionary spiritual pathway and practice, this course is designed specifically for this moment in Humanity’s quantum leap, providing broad-reaching, comprehensive practices and insights that turn on awareness of your Divine Codes and capacities for establishing this New Blueprint and re-perceiving how our global Crisis is actually our species Chrysalis.  All of the wisdom necessary to re-enchant and awaken Humanity’s sacred contract with the Earth are held within the bio-energetic data packages of our Divine Human Blueprint and unlock as we open and interbraid with the Living Libraries of Gaia and Divine Mind.


        The Prime Directive for the Divine Human Retreat is full lucid sentience and radical self-awareness.  This experiential course maps out the creation of a new inner world of sacred stewardship of your own immortal essence, love, and evolutionary purpose.  Our intention is for you to learn the essential stages of the Divinization process and experience a clear knowingness of the inner alchemy that leads to the birth of a Divine Humanity.  By stepping into this Circle of quantum insights and practices, you are setting a firm intention and commitment to an internal alchemical transfiguration as well as being part of the present Planetary Shift.  You are someone who aspires more than anything to be a dynamic facilitator of Conscious Evolution and accelerator of Humanity’s Birth to its next phase, by first anchoring certain codes of internal mastery and integration.  This will allow you to totally redefine what spiritual attainment FEELS like and how your embodied essence will transform you from the ground up.  Get ready to throw out old conceptions of the enlightenment process, and join the momentum of the Universe unfolding as your magnificent self !

         We’ve all felt the human conditions and emotional distortions veiling Love’s true freedom within us.  These crystallized lenses that trap love’s flow will be unbound and re-perceived as we pop open the The Awakened Heart inside of you.  Now is the moment when the untarnished heart births into its Divine Essence and harnesses the power of pure potential flowing in every moment.


Birthing a new ‘Divine Human’ entity invites the Soul

to step in as the primary guiding intelligence

of your human design

         Amplify your evolutionary potential through learning new skill sets, guided meditations, practical tools, leading-edge concepts and vibrational resonance to our unified field, in anchoring the Divine Intelligence into every aspect and quality of your life.  Our group’s personal epiphanies and quantum shifts accelerate the evolution of the collective mind and heart of humanity.

          Humanity has never been more poised for integral and embodied evolutionary ambassadors who can birth their divine potential and then lead others into igniting their own soul blueprint.  Through this 8-week TeleSeminar and the premiere upcoming Intensive Training Immersions, we are creating the deepest level of support and practices on how to move out of the conceptual ideas and actually birth the Divine Human within you. 

Come be a part of ushering in a brand new Humanity

while creating new opportunities for synergy, sacred alliances and gift-sharing.


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