The Evolutionary

Priest & Priestess 




New Earth Rising Evolutionary Temple Arts Immersion

With Inaiya Ray, Aiyana Wildheart & Special Guest

Wisdom Keeper, Grandmother Eila Paul

calling all Wisdom Keepers, Earth Guardians, Stewards of the New Earth—

Are you being called into the next cycle of your sacred leadership as an

awakened guide and guardian of the sacred?


If so….YOU are being summoned to take up your role in this sacred LOVE revolution as an embodied expression of your most passionate, soulful, authentic, creative, wildly Divine custodian of the New Earth.


The Evolutionary Priest/Priestess Training is an experiential deep dive into the expression

of Divine Human consciousness that carry a universal frequency that lies at the heart of our physical and spiritual existence. Through the integrated embodiment of 13 archetypal facets of ones Divine nature we become the wellsprings of pure Source energy and the dynamic bestowers of original Love, Life and Joy.


As our Cosmic hearts awaken and attune to natural divine law we will bring forth harmonious new ways of living, loving and co-creating as the emergent unified Soul family. Together let us usher in the Golden age of Gaia through creating a world that flourishes

in Oneness and beauty on behalf or ourselves, communities and all our relations.

Delve into an odyssey of

Evolutionary Temple Arts


Akashic Awakening ·ecstatic dance · somatic unwinding · sacred theatre · breathe of Life ·

light body activation· oracle arts · sound healing · Adventures in wild belonging· ancient earth wisdom · Gaian Tantra · 

 new earth community and so much more

• Be initiated into the full activation, embodiment and expression of 13 archetypes

of the awakened Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine as they are emerging in a new paradigm of awakened consciousness.

• embody the purity and passion of the Wild Divine as a guardian and way shower of the Christos Sophia.

• activate your Divine Embodiment through

a dynamic array of multi-dimensional Evolutionary Temple Art modalities and

Earth based wisdom.

• heal ancestral and karmic timelines,

through radical forgiveness while integrating the evolutionary gifts and stepping into timelines of your whole and complete Self.

• transmute shadow material while integrating fragmented and disowned parts

of Self. Navigate your life and lead others through Divine essence versus ego.

• discover who and what you are at your deepest core. Align your image, perception and highest purpose with your authentic Divine blueprint.

• weave inspired transformation while

creating a new social narrative that advocates, honors and celebrates novel creations of beauty while embracing unity

and diversity.

• upgrade your Divine Blueprint through direct experiences of what it means to be a Conscious Creator and empowered Priest-Priestess  of these Evolutionary times.

• WED the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine through the sacred rite of Heiros Gamos,

the Inner Marriage and radiate the wisdom light of Sacred Union Alchemy

• Generate coherent resonant fields of pristine frequencies while exploring the light languages of sacred geometry, sound, frequency to shape and communicate Divine consciousness.

• ​ Connect with your authentic Source,

Self and Divinity and become a super conductor of Divine consciousness that shows the way into new paradigm living.

• cultivate vibrant and heart centered community through the art of authentic relating, Gaian Tantra and sharing adventures in wild belonging.

 • LIVE your greater than imagined life and become an inspired conduit for bestowing original LIFE, LOVE & JOY

• Take your practice and offerings to a whole new level while expanding your toolbox and capacity to serve others. 

“An Evolutionary Priestess is one who

is connected through the heart to the whole of life, attuned to the deeper intelligence of nature, and called forth irresistibly by spirit to creatively express his or her gifts in the evolution of self and the world. Above all, an Evolutionary Priestess is a direct expression of the Divine Human. To become an Evolutionary Priestess is to evolve consciously, choosing a path of development that has never been mapped before in a world that has never existed before. -Barbara Marx Hubbard”

      Are you being called to be a part of a co-creative circle of beings who are genuinely committed to not only their own personal growth and empowerment but the empowered evolution of the whole? The Evolutionary Priest Priestess training invites you to immerse your "SELF" in a unified resonant field of fertile Divine potentiality engineered to give life to your Soul's purpose and create a dynamic pathway for you to offer your Divine gifts to this newly emerging world! This experiential Creative Self Mastery leadership training offers you a direct entryway into the multidimensional facets of your Divine embodymnt and serves as a living chalice for the emergence of your authentic Self as the very genesis medium of birthing a Divine New Humanity. Your companions of destiny await the many gifts that wish to emerge in our circle of Oneness and endless beauty!




       “The Evolutionary Priestess Training has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. In the space of the journey, I was pierced open to the core of my being to find the seed of truth of who I was and always have been. This process was powerful and liberating. I was rebirthed as my Divine human Self, awakened and illuminated to see that life was greater than I could have dreamed of. My perception has heightened and opened to the luminosity, divinity and beauty that exists everywhere. I have opened and flourished with so much joy and love that radiates my light further into the world. To be in Inaiya Rays physical presence was the deepest honour, she is a magical gift in this world, who has opened me, woken me up, shaken me alive, and helped me expand in consciousness all which has helped reveal my soul purpose and encouraged me to walk this path of conscious evolution, for this very special time on earth and for this I am in the deepest gratitude.”- Ayana Wildheart, Orthobionomy Therapist"

“There's only one word to describe what Inaiya does: MAGIC. It is the art of birthing new worlds into being. She is a master of holding, stoking, and facilitating the unified collective field, helping raise the vibration and coherence that is so essential for new paradigm community building. Aided by Inaiya's mastery, presence, and her transformative tools, my way of looking at myself and the world has shifted, and it's an incredible shift! I feel so empowered to show up as my authentic self, while understanding the significance of my fulfilled Essence in the bigger picture. I'm so grateful for Inaiya's love, compassion, ingenuity and commitment to creating a New Earth. Thank you Inaiya!”— Emily, Core Synergy Course

​        "One of the joys of this training is awakening to the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve and learning the tools that enable me to disconnect from them and make choices that reflect my authentic Truth."

        "My deepest, heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you for your integrity and impeccability in sharing your gifts of Life experience, insights, and wisdom, and seeing ours, all with such deep Love, clarity, honesty and compassion and for guiding us in co-creating a safe, supportive and loving space to allow whatever arises in each moment to be seen and explored.” -Lee McNab -Yoga Teacher


be yourself

Why this  invitation is especially for you!

The Evolutionary Priest~Priestess Training is an experiential alchemy into becoming who we are as Way Showers and Sacred Custodians of an emerging New Earth! This takes place through our individual and group synergy, partnering with the over-lighting intelligence of our unified Field and the living intelligence of the Christos Sophia.

Each being who is called, comes divinely encoded to heal, transmute and reclaim their inner majesty and in so doing assists in returning the magic and sacred mana to their community and Earth.

We will gather with the intention to open ourselves to one another, to be seen, felt, witnessed, reflected and celebrated in our most authentic humanity. Simultaneously we will entice our eternal Divine codes out to participate in unveiling our diamond-light codes and together

co-create a living legacy that is greater than our individual selves.

Coming from all corners of the globe this group of Masters have a unique and sacred contract to fulfill together that involves giving life to our highest potentiated selves as our greatest blessing for the whole. We come with the knowing that we will lead and be lead, descend and ascend into the mystery while embodying our unique Soul gifts that compliment, catalyze and quantumly upgrade the whole of creation on all levels and dimensions.


of the 13 Divine human archetypes

        Inaiya's curriculum is uniquely inspired from over thirty years of global facilitation and provides an evocative archetypal template for the emergence of the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine as they are uniquely called into embodiment and service at this time. Supported by the in depth wisdom of the alchemy of Conscious Evolution, Inaiya creates the ground for the Authentic Self to be fully realized and sustained by providing foundational life tools that are supported by the New Earth frequencies.


Heal separation consciousness • Soul Retrieval • Individuating from Social Consciousness • Awakening to Authentic Self, Source and Divinity • The Evolution and Emergence of a new species, Homo Universalis • Create and bestow Life, Love & Joy from Essence Self.



Womb Wisdom • Embody your Power, Passion and Purpose • Reclaim your wild Divine nature

through embodied innocence and authentic power• Embody primal intelligence as guardians

and protectors of Gaia.



• Living Open as Freedom and Truth • Stand for highest integrity

• Initiate Self and others through the art of Individuation • Live from vision

• Breathe of Life • Activate the Axis Mundi



The Art of empty Presence & Resonance • Fine Tuning the Subtle Energy Body

• Embodying the 9 Dimensions • Divination Arts • Turn on Light Body, Sacred Geometry,

Sound and Frequency • Ascension Alchemy





• Surfing the waves of initiatory cycles • Surrender into Highest Divine Service

• Explore life tansitions • Spiritual as embodied action • Reclaim your majesty and royal

bloodline • Live from radical trust as a pathway to bliss



• The Inner Marriage Ceremony • Activate Earth Guardian Codes

• Unfold ones Mythos & Heroes Journey • Steward the Wild Soul of Nature

• Activate the Longevity Clause


Day 8: THE META MUSE · creative BODY

• Partner with the Magical Child • Creativity as a pathway to infinite states in consciousness • Novel Explorations in Magic, Myth and Merriment • Novelty as a pathway to creative expression • The art of invitation and Sacred Play



The Awakened Heart • Living wedded to the Divine Beloved

• Life in the 5th dimension • Gaian Tantra • Opening Earth and Cosmic kundalini • Navigating the WE space • Enlightenment through the Senses • Blessing the world through pleasure and endless beauty.



Weave a New Earth Community • Create new timelines and potentials

• Activate the Dream Body and becoming a conscious dreamer • Live from Quintessence

Take your place in the worldwide web of the New Earth community



Holographic Leadership and Visioning Skills • Live, create and share from non-dual core values • Scripting your unique legacy • The art of story telling • Rites of Passage

• Identify and share your unique wisdom



• Access the Akashic Records • Open your intuitive channel as a living oracle

• Rescript binding contracts and beliefs • Access the morphogenetic field • Communicate

with your spirit guides within a variety of realms and dimensions



• Living from Oneness • Unfolding Your Divine Specialties and Supernatural powers • Loving from wholeness • Circulating the Gifting Circuit • The Dance of the Divine Human

• Living Life as an Offering


$4,444 US includes 13 nights lodging and 3 daily meals

Bring a friend:

Ask about our special discount for your partner

early bird:

Enroll with your deposit by December 30th and pay $4 ,222


Please secure your place with a $333US refundable deposit.



Healthy, vibrant & mostly vegan organic

 Sharda Center ~

PRaises & thanks


“It is with deep honor and respect that I share with you one of my most sacred sisters. I want to whisper her name from the stars and yell her voice from the mountaintops. She is one of my favorite humans on Earth, and her embodied work is amazing. Like so many others would testify, this work is deep, sweet, profound, and a deep homecoming. If you are you looking to up-level the Avatar that lies at the core of your creative freedom, I invite you, to take the opportunity to be a part of this living wisdom school as a vehicle for the most magnificent expression of your soul.”- Christina Solaris, the Omega Code


" Honestly life changing!! Sooooo much gratitude for you and your profound and transformational magic! "— Anya Zama Deva

“Inaiya is a dear sister of mine, having led me through many years of dedicated high frequency Self exploration, expression, and sisterhood in safe and profoundly powerful containers of love and joy. She is a crystal clear channel and always offers pure honesty to assist us on our journey. I always look forward to the opportunity to dive deep with her!”—Sahrah Kerfoot! 

“Inaiya Ray is an alchemical Master. A bonafide Midwife of the Soul, she has been instrumental in helping me to birth my Divine Human Self. I am so delighted by this evolution. And what a gift it is to know my true essence and to discover my soul gifts. When I'm with Inaiya, I feel truly seen, appreciated, and supported. She is a gentle, compassionate and a brilliant guide. Inaiya Ray of light, big love to you sistar, and deep gratitude for all that you do, and all that you are.”— Jewel Permut,

"Ambe'  has the skill to illuminate everyone’s special gifts, to elicit the jewels in each one of us, bring them to the light to be polished and then shared with each other and the world."- Sybille Webb, Facilitator of Dance paint Journeys and Dance Your Birth​​

Inaiya Ray

Akashic Clairvoyant, Evolutionary Priestess, Wild Muse, Guardian of Gaia


Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess of the Beauty Way, author and founding Director of The Living Chalice, Academy of New Earth Temple Arts. She offers in-depth experiential trainings such as "The Evolutionary Priest/Priestess", “New Earth Avatar," “Wild Belonging” and “Akashic Awakening” throughout the world. Her journey of personal and planetary embodied awakening has led her to over three decades of facilitating the inner alchemy of and the Birthing of a New Earth Humanity. Inaiya’s facilitation is dynamically alive, experientially engaging, full of spontaneous humour and instilled with the creative majesty of the moment. Inaiya guides individuals to live their full multidimensional potential through weaving an experiential odyssey of Temple Arts infused that generate ecstatic fields of Oneness and Beauty. As an experienced Akashic Clairvoyant & Evolutionary Life Coach, Inaiya offers private Akashic Awakening intuitive consultations and energetic attunements. She delights in illuminating your Divine Blueprint while polishing the gifts of your Soul so that you may flower clear, radiant and brilliant not only in your bodies but in your lives.

Aiyana Wildheart

Shamanic Healer, Evolutionary Priestess, Orthobionomy Bodyworker

Aloha. I’m Aiyana Wildheart, Priestess of the Beauty Way. I live in the powerful central Australian desert where I work as an Orthobionomist and Healer. I have been working with Shamanism and herbal medicines for the past 5 years, realigning with nature and assisting people to find natural ways of healing. I am also an emissary of Doterra essential oils, and continue to learn more each day about the benefits of these high vibrational plant spirits. My work continues to pull me into the central heart of this continent where the energies for deep connection to spirit and country are most potent. My deepest love is to dance the endless spiral of love and unity and travel alongside my beloved brothers and sisters in ceremony as we remember ourselves as one family. I have participated in Inaiya Rays Evolutionary Priestess and Akashic Dance Training and am excited to share my gifts and be a part of co-creating profound beauty alongside Inaiya as one of my greatest dreams.

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