​Evolutionary Temple Arts for a Divine New Humanity


We are delighted that you are here and invite you to join us on an adventure of conscious evolution and the birthing of a Divine New Earth humanity! Inaiya Ray and The Living Chalice offer a global playground for Evolutionary Temple Arts,​ Akashic Readings, Awakened Heart Circles, Retreats & Ceremonies throughout the world. Its time come home to your true nature and embody your soul gifts as a blessing for all. .

“The role as an Akashic Reader is to use the energy and information of the Records to recognize the soul-level truth of your essence and guide you in experiencing your inherent truth, beauty and Oneness with all of creation. When you commune with the truth of who you really are, you naturally come into vibrational alignment with your soul's purpose, hearts desires and divine blueprint in such a way that your life becomes a fully empowered and embodied blessing for all beings!”

"Deepest gratitude from my heart to your's. You have encouraged me to grow and be my authentic Self like no one before. "The Evolutionary Priestess Training" runs like a golden thread throughout my life, gently guiding me to open in love, innocence and trust in my own inner wisdom. Inaiya is a true master at supporting each one of us to shed the layers of what holds us back so that we may soar into our lives. Inaiya has the special ability to illuminate our Soul gifts, elicit the jewels and bring them to the light to be polished and shared."

—Sybille Webb, IBP Therapist

"Akashic Awakening™ has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. This process was powerful and liberating. The program inspired me to express my divine vehicle with freedom and grace. I was rebirthed as my Divine Human Self, awakened, and illuminated to see that life was greater than I could have dreamed of.  My perception has heightened and opened to the luminosity, divinity and beauty that exists everywhere, I have opened and flourished with so much joy and love that radiates my light further into the world. Inaiya Rays healing presence has opened me, woken me up, shaken me alive, and helped me expand in consciousness and encouraged me to fully live my soul purpose”- Ayana Wildheart, Orthobionomy Therapist

"Friends, Last week I had a *PROFOUND* session with Inaiya Ray .... I am still deeply unfurling and unfolding in the magic and universes whose doors were thrown open throughout our session. Inaiya offers profound transformational Akashic readings and bio-energetic clearings. She is the best of the best and I would work with her again and again and again. It felt like my Soul was getting to come home. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

-Christine Huntley, Creator Consciousness.org

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