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The Living Chalice

New Earth Temple Arts for a Divine New Humanity

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Proudly Serving the Conscious Evolutionary Movement – Heart Centered Leaders, Healers and Wayshowers to come into Divine Sovereignty, Creative Self Mastery and leading-edge heart-centered Leadership.

 Awaken, Align and Attune

to the Sacred Art of your

Divine Embodiment


Welcome to the Living Chalice! It is our highest joy and honor to invite you to embark

upon a journey of conscious evolution and the birthing of a Divine New Earth Humanity.

Inaiya Ray is the founding spiritual director of The Living Chalice, an embodied Wisdom School

providing a plethora of transformational experiences to assist individuals and groups to create a solid foundation to awaken, align and attune to one's Divine Self Mastery. As an Embodied Soul Coach

and Akashic Intuitive, Inaiya assists Conscious Creators to be fully empowered to shine brightly and brilliantly from their authentic core and become the inspired New Earth Wayshowers that bless and enliven the whole. 

Meet Inaiya

Inaiya passionately serves the Conscious Evolutionary Movement, Heart Centered Leaders, Healers and Conscious Creators to embody their Divine Essence, polish the Gifts of their Soul and become inspired l

eaders of a flourishing New Earth humanity. 

Meet Inaiya

Inaiya Ray is a Wayshower of the Beauty Way and steward of The Living Chalice, an embodied Wisdom School for New Earth Temple Arts. Her life-long journey of personal and planetary awakening has led her to travel the world while pioneering the inner alchemy of Conscious Evolution and the birthing of a Divine New Humanity. Inaiya draws upon three decades of practicing Integrative Healing Arts and  facilitating experiential trainings such as; The Evolutionary Priest/Priestess, New Earth Wayshower and Akashic Awakening, a sonic and somatic unwinding of the body and soul that delivers one into greater consciousness, coherence and connectivity with one’s authentic Self and whole of creation.
As an emissary of Gaia Sophia, Inaiya transmits the living intelligence of the Wild Divine. Her sacred ceremonies and global retreats are instilled with the magic and majesty of the moment. Weaving the wonders of the natural world with a plethora of experiential learning, she guides individuals into creative Self Mastery and mutual awakening that anchor new paradigms of Oneness and co-creation. Inaiya thrives in serving an international community, offering Akashic Awakening Intuitive readings, Bio-energetic attunements, Awakened Life Coaching and on-line courses that illuminate and polish the gifts of the Soul.

N E W  B O O K

Grail Rider Front-rgb.jpg

New Book!

The Grail Rider is not only a supernatural travel adventure woven with cosmic codes of light, it is an eternal love story and quest of the soul that illuminates an alchemical treasure map that is altogether paradigm shifting. Steeped in the transparent quandaries of a modern-day Priestess, The Grail Rider is an offering of Love, here to awaken and inspire all those who feel called, as Inaiya is, to return to the awakened heart of the Wild Divine Sophia.

New Book



Christy Greenwood, Rewilding the Self

Inaiya is a bonafide Midwife of the Soul. She has been highly instrumental in assisting me to make peace with my past, while illuminating the gifts of my soul. Her readings are astoundingly precise and delivered with clarity. If you feel called to embody the highest calibration of your life, I highly recommend a reading with Inaiya who so beautifully embodies the frequency of Love, Beauty & Truth. 


Aiyana Wildheart, Orthobionomy Therapist

Inaiyas offerings have changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. In the space of the course, I was pierced open to the core of my being to find the seed of truth of who I was. This process was powerful and liberating. As I awakened to my divine human Self, I was inspired  to express myself with uninhibited freedom and grace. My perception has heightened and opened to the luminosity, divinity and beauty that exists everywhere, I feel open to flourish and radiate my soul light further into the world. Being with Inaiya is a magical gift. She has opened me, woken me up, shaken me alive, which has helped me to reveal my soul purpose and walk this path of conscious evolution, for this very special time on earth.-


Gaianna, Life Coach

"I entered into this chalice by means of the Evolutionary Priestess training and am just so grateful that I did!  Feeling such safety in this cup I uncovered my deepest fears and liberated my greatest dreams. I learned what was holding me back from living the life that my soul had always longed for and been given the tools to clear away and move forward. I really recommend entering into any of Inaiya's workshops and trainings, for there, you may just find such a strong sister and brotherhood, one that surpasses the unexpected and reaches for the stars... one that can deepen even after the workshops are done.


Leslie O'neil, Art Therapist

Inaiya's compassionate  attunement to the Akashic Records, wisdom gained through long experience reading the records, and her own devoted path to awakening make her sessions penetrating, unique and powerful.

Her expert facilitation, combined with the transcendent field of the Akashic Records and support of the guides, generates a gentle process of release and healing. Each and every insight she shared deeply resonated, and I could clearly feel the energy shifting.

Inaiya knows how to read blocks or distortions in the soul blueprint. She brought forth the false beliefs under which I’ve been operating, and guided me through a very safe and gentle cancellation of agreements that have served their purpose. 


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