New Earth Temple Arts for  a Divine New Humanity


THE chalice

We invite you to align with the majesty of your true essence & creative spirit and bring a new embodied consciousness into all areas of your life. The Living Chalice offers you a dynamic buffet of Evolutionary Temple Arts to support you in truly coming home to your Authentic Self and passionately creating a life that you love where together we will lead Humanity into a brand new way of living & loving in beauty!

"Human life is a balancing act of sovereign individuality​ and knowing unity. It's an opportunity to extend
Creation into physical form and
amplify self-awareness and the joy of All-That-Is. Your passion and presence makes it all possible."
"Let us come together to create
a completely new ​​​and intimate relationship with each other and the Source within us. This is the communication of our Essence sounding through each of our unique Divine sparks that radiates from our open heart as it expresses in relationship between Divinity and our Humanity, between Soul and Body, between You, me and the Living Chalice!


You are a

Living Chalice​


       The Chalice is a symbol of the embodied Divine in Service to the gift Life. The gifts of Higher Forces are gathered in the Chalice and given from the Chalice. The Living Chalice offers a safe and inspired container to explore the interactive dynamics between ourselves, one another and the living Universe we exist within. The Living Chalice is a space to join in evolving the heart while nurturing and deepening our intimacy with our Authentic Self, Source and with one another. As we sit together in the scintillating space of empty presence, we leave behind our perception of being anything other than being a living, breathing expression of Divinity. This precious space of abiding within the Beauty of Self as an expression of Source opens up the Gifting Circuit……the place in which our Divine gifts may flow and bless each other and the world.

  A New Earth Humanity​


        We exist within the infinite Universe and the infinite universe exists within us. Each of us contains the Radiant Flame of the Divine within our hearts. There was never a time when this Wholeness was not totally available and accessible to each and every one of us.  In the Living Chalice we circle together in empty presence and cultivate the ability to listen to the Voice of our Heart and Soul which is always speaking to us and guiding us into our natural growth and evolution. In so doing we experience and discover ourselves as the Source of our truest and deepest fulfillment which is Radiant Existence within the Central reality of our own Heart vibrating within every cell of our entire being. We ourselves are the True Containers of the Radiance we are seeking and desiring. We are in essence each a Living Chalice!

            the gift



        Radical intimacy of naked awareness and beauty is truth, the truth of who we are rooted in the flood of light. In transparency, the Gifting circuit offers comprehensive cruise control, pure creational rolls. The spiritual prophetic science of cosmic literacy allows us to be coherent, to move through and integrate/embody levels of awareness, anointing with compassionate wisdom, creating a new foundation, a new ground of being. There is all around us this country of original fire. In transparency, Light sees itself everywhere. Sonic landscapes and different harmonic circuits to other dimensions become easily available, offering clear, wholistic biofeedback, fresh intelligence, of evolving fields and anatomy, of living matrix systems-cellular, planetary, galactic and universal. Our own cosmic sleuthing and archaeological digging in the heart of awareness unveils nature’s colorsonic transmission stream. In one-moment, we give up the external world for inner majesty. The Beloved we want is always awake, always meets us when we arrange to meet. The vibrations work on you within, opening and sculpting you into a Grail cup.

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our growing community of  awakened hearts and illuminairies of
Big Love.
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