"Inaiya Ray's potent healing work has been an integral key to my inner freedom and letting-go process. Her compassionate, sensitive, and light-spirited presence is a major contributor to the paradigm shift we are experiencing now, and I am honored and grateful to know her!" -S. Grace Mantle, Tanran Reiki Master, Visionary Artist

      "Thank you for being a living example of the possibility of vibrant embodiment and for the magnificent light you shine. I look forward to your classes each week knowing I will come out recharged, inspired and rejuvenated. You're Divine wisdom, unconditional love and healing light inspires the Goddess in me. Thank you Inaiya', for being a bold and tender Priestess of the light. I have benefited so much from your classes and workshops."- Layla, Speech Therapist Belly Dancer

      "I wanted to tell you what a perfect blessing and life redirecting catalyst it was for me to have attended The Radiance Course. After our cocooned grief release, I had never felt lighter and nearer to my "self". That experience taught me the most important visceral lesson, that my body literally harbors all the trauma I've stuffed away from my past. I have never before or since then experienced anything so quickly and powerfully liberating. That weekend opened the door to many spiritual experiences in my life, as I am able to give and receive more love. Im telling you this to thank you for helping to set the course on the infinate path to the Goddess. My capacity for love continues to grow with my ability to tap into the well of my sorrow and joy. All my blessings and gratitude to you." - The Radiance Course, Sabryna Chase,

       "I cannot say enough about the incredible awakening I have been experiencing ever since "Return to Essence” in Hawaii- people who are seeing me keep commenting on how my face has changed and how beautiful I appear. I am no longer fighting with myself internally- there is so much space there-space which finally allows me to just be and to feel and to truly love, and to be more present than I have been in so long. Thank you Inaiya', for helping me come back to life-for bringing magic and hope and sovereignty to my sphere, I feel a deepened sense of beauty and peace within as I adjust to the new wings that have been born in me." - Caitlin Leigh Naramore -Gourmet Chef

         “I am in deep gratitude for the opportunities this Evolutionary Priestess training has provided in terms of deepening my awareness of Self and learning to live from my Truth. One of the joys of this training is awakening to the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve and learning the tools that enable me to disconnect from them and make choices that reflect my authentic Truth. I see this experience benefiting me in all areas of my life and in all relationships. I am able to hold a deeper Presence that enables a clearer understanding, a natural Joy and knowing of the beauty in all, and the ability to see and create Greater than Imagined outcomes. The scope, depth and joy of this program has far exceeded my expectations and the journey has, and is, in total alignment with my original intent to open to, and live from, Authentic Self and to know my connection with all things. My deepest, heartfelt gratitude to you, Ambe, for following through on your inspiration to create this training. Thank you for your integrity and impeccability in sharing your gifts of Life experience, insights, and wisdom, and seeing ours, all with such deep Love, clarity, honesty and compassion and for guiding us in co-creating a safe, supportive and loving space to allow whatever arises in each moment to be seen and explored.” -Lee McNab -Yoga Teacher

       "I am soaring in a glistening sea of beauty after this weekend. You held space for so much beauty to be shared and I am in awe. Such a gift you have in holding space and sharing wisdom that gives us each the support we need to unfurl our hearts. I have never been surrounded by so much human beauty as I have in this circle of woman. I shed so many tears this weekend as I witnessed all these woman express parts of them that have been waiting to be witnessed. Such beauty, incredible! I am filled with so much hope and possibility. Now that I am getting the opportunity to revisit my expression of power and passion and beauty and my authentic self I am determined to never abandon it again.   I have new hope. Deep oceans of gratitude to you for all the work you have done on your journey for the One. When I look in your eyes I feel such reassurance and I see endless streams of possibility. I see a soul that has seen, understands and feels what it is I know to be truth and have forgotten. I am seeing the world in a whole new way. So much possibility...Limitless." -Kari Mathieson​

         "I started practicing yoga nearly seven months ago, and it has changed my life. As my teacher, Inaiya' Ray has been integrally involved in my profound transition. Her teaching style is gentle, playful, concise and disciplined. Her teaching integrates spirituality as well as profound body wisdom. Most of all her classes are fun! She allows her students to advance in their practice with a sense of lightness and ease. Without Ambe's gentle loving guidance, I may have discontinued Yoga. I'm thankful I didn't, and I am grateful to Inaiya." - Jessica Sage, Events Coordinator, Harbin Hot Springs

          "I had the pleasure of working with Inaiya over several months, having come to her with a chronic pain condition that had lasted for years. I felt that her ability to see deeply and accurately into the many levels and root causes of my imbalance—as well as her high level of skill as a facilitator for healing—created enormous transformation that has gone many layers deep and continues to reverberate. She creates an environment that is deeply nurturing and she applies her intuitive abilities with lasar-like precision. I highly recommend Inaiya to anyone who is interested in working with a clear, intelligent, loving and talented vehicle for balance and integration."- Gaelyn Larrick"

        "Inaiya has been blessed with the guidance of many masters and her intuitive healing work is undeniably powerful.  I have always been so grateful to have her creative energy facilitating wholeness in my life.  One particularly moving experience was calling in and visualizing my Divine Essence self and merging that being with myself.  I was so empowered and feel I can still call on that experience to help me come from a higher consciousness in challenging circumstances.  Inaiya's influence in my life is immeasurable."-Amanda Johnsen- Social worker

"I have journeyed with Ambe' Inaiya Ray for 2 years of her amazing and entirely unique alchemical containers of transformation. Her support has fertilized my blossoming more than I could have ever imagined and the loving bonds discovered and nurtured in this container continue to enrich my life a gazillion-fold."-SahRah Kerfoot

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