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Meet Inaiya Ray

Her sacred ceremonies and global retreats are instilled with the magic and majesty of the moment. Weaving the wonders of the natural world with a plethora of experiential learning, she guides individuals into creative Self Mastery and mutual awakening that anchor new paradigms of Oneness and co-creation. Inaiya thrives in serving an international community, offering Akashic Awakening Intuitive readings, Bio-energetic attunements, Awakened Life Coaching and on-line courses that illuminate and polish the gifts of the Soul.


“Inaiya’s commitment to embody truth, awaken to LOVE, and to authentically live as LOVE is breathtakingly candid and courageous. The Grail Rider will take you on an initiatory ride to intimately acquaint you with the sacred ways of an ‘alternative’ world: If you  ever wish to experience its divinely inspired, richly coloured and multi-textured culture and penetrate the very heart of global spiritual community, then this is the book for you.”                                                     — Nicolya Christi




The Grail Rider is a memoir of majestic revelation, ignited from a life-altering encounter with the over-lighting presence of the Divine Mother Sophia. Throughout the ceremony, the blue fire of Divinity consumes all falsities of Self, infusing Inaiya with an omnificent love that suspends her in Grace. While Inaiya lies motionless on the forest floor, she communes with her Family of Light and is given a vivid, multi-dimensional transmission that illuminates the seeding of universal Christ consciousness, encoded to blossom within her, and the hearts of all beings at this unprecedented epoch in time. Inaiya is shown how life on Earth will regenerate and be restored to harmonious balance through each undergoing the alchemy of the Divine Inner Marriage. Along with humanity, Inaiya was at a vital crossroads, where her destiny calls her irresistibly forth to embark upon a life-changing initiatory journey. While following a chain of synchronistic events, she discovers the source of the living Grail and comes to reclaim and embody her true sovereign nature. Venture along with Inaiya through the mythic Grail lines of Glastonbury, the French Pyrenees, Mediterranean Coast, Italy and Greece as she unveils the richly encoded wisdom and timeless transmissions of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as they rise, newly empowered, to usher in an awakened New Earth – unified in sovereign Oneness and resplendent beauty.   


The Grail Rider is not only a supernatural travel adventure, woven with cosmic codes of light, it is an eternal love story and quest of the soul that illuminates an alchemical treasure map that is altogether paradigm shifting. Steeped in the transparent quandaries of a modern-day Priestess, The Grail Rider is an offering of Love, here to awaken and inspire all those who feel called, as Inaiya is, to return to the awakened heart of the Wild Divine Sophia.


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Hardcover Book

The Grail Rider

Pre-Launch Special

Return to the Heart of the Wild Divine Sophia

an unbridled Memoir


SoftCover Book

The Grail Rider

Pre-Launch Special

Return to the Heart of the Wild Divine Sophia

an unbridled Memoir



The Grail Rider

Pre-Launch Special

Return to the Heart of the Wild Divine Sophia

an unbridled Memoir



“In The Grail Rider, Inaiya weaves the ineffable,

intangible and eternal with edge-of-your-seat, real life fairy tale sagas in a language that invites the reader into sumptuous, riveting divinity. Truly, a must read for all those on the path of spiritual awakening, and the

Wayshowers of the New Earth.”

— Caitlin Naramore, The Modern Queen

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"The Grail is not something we attain it is a way of being in every moment".


"The Grail Rider was written over 18 years

in over 13 countries."

The Grail Rider was born from a life-altering encounter with the Divine Mother Sophia, whom I encountered during a shamanic journey in June of 2003. It is Her illuminated consciousness that guides me on an epic travel adventure to reclaim the unified heart through revisiting multiple

timelines and places where my soul had splintered off from it’s Divine source and monadic core.It was on that ceremonial twilight evening that I asked Creator the one question that I had asked throughout the course of my life: How may I best serve this planet and this precious human life? The answer came flooding in as a single epiphany while laying face down in the dirt, utterly motionless for over nine hours while the Divine Mother Sophia infused my being with an all-embracing love-light and multi-dimensional transmission that has forever changed the nature of my life. Divine Sophia went on to transmit; Your soul purpose is to heal the unconscious split between the Masculine and Feminine. It is through embracing and integrating the light and the dark, that peace on Earth is made possible. Little did I know at the time, that this burning desire to serve life with all that I am would in the end cost me all that I once knew myself to be. 



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