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Akashic Awakening Divine Self Mastery Series 

2 Become One 

 2 hour Master Class Transmission  
2:22 pm PST $22.US


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This rare numerical day of 2/22/2022 is a stargate portal into a reset and return to our origin of Divine Oneness. In this two hour Self Mastery class, Inaiya will transmit from the wisdom light of Sophia and the Council of Light as together we take that evolutionary leap and land within a new paradigm of sovereign togetherness. The transmission will be followed by a deep dive into the Akashic Records where Inaiya will address your inquiries.




Attune to the sovereign, free and limitless aspect of

who you are and always have been.

Align with your golden monadic core of Self,

Source and Divinity 

  Activate: your higher dimensional blueprint and Divine human frequencies that turn on your super powers and soul gifts to shine into the world.

Awaken: into the field of mutual awakening when two or more are gathered and spark infinite creative potential.


Inaiya Ray is an alchemical Master. A bonafide Midwife of the Soul, she has been instrumental in helping me to birth my Divine Human Self. I am so delighted by this evolution.  And what a gift it's been, to be able to rewrite my contracts, so that they work for me. What a liberation to make peace with my past. What a revelation to know my true essence. What a joy to discover my gifts. What a pleasure to share them. When I'm with Inaiya, I feel truly seen, appreciated, and supported. Therefore, I am able to summon the courage to make the shifts I want to make, whilst honoring my pacing and values. She is a gentle, compassionate, brilliant guide. Inaiya Ray of light, big love to you sistar, and deep gratitude for all that you do, and all that you are. - Jewel Permut,

“I am soaring in a glistening sea of beauty and awe! Inaiya’ held such a precious space for so much clarity and beauty to be born within me. I am so grateful to have shed so many layers as I uncovered essential parts of myself that have been waiting to be revealed. Inaiya has given me the support I needed to unfurl my heart and I now feel empowered to embody and express my authentic passion with ease and flow. Deep oceans of gratitude to Inaiya for all the work she has done on your journey for the One. When I look into her eyes I see a soul that has seen, understands and feels what it is to be an empowered human and I now see myself and the world with so much limitless possibility."  -Kari Matheison​, Culinary Artist

Inaiyas offerings have changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. In the space of the course, I was pierced open to the core of my being to find the seed of truth of who I was. This process was powerful and liberating. As I awakened to my divine human Self, I was inspired  to express myself with uninhibited freedom and grace. My perception has heightened and opened to the luminosity, divinity and beauty that exists everywhere, I feel open to flourish and radiate my soul light further into the world. Being with Inaiya is a magical gift. She has opened me, woken me up, shaken me alive, which has helped me to reveal my soul purpose and walk this path of conscious evolution, for this very special time on earth.”- Aiyana Wildheart, Orthobionomy Therapist

"I entered into this chalice by means of the Evolutionary Priestess training and am just so grateful that I did!  Feeling such safety in this cup I uncovered my deepest fears and liberated my greatest dreams. I learned what was holding me back from living the life that my soul had always longed for and been given the tools to clear away and move forward. I really recommend entering into any of Inaiya's workshops and trainings, for there, you may just find such a strong sister and brotherhood, one that surpasses the unexpected and reaches for the stars... one that can deepen even after the workshops are done.." -Gaianna, Salt Spring Island, BC


Join Akashic Intuitive and New Earth Wayshower Inaiya Ray as she transmits invaluable wisdom jewels and Akashic tools distilled from over 33 years of offering Akashic Awakening and facilitating conscious evolution for a Divine New Humanity. Inaiya believes that lasting change comes from transforming our core wounds and life challenges into our greatest soul specialties and super powers such that we embody the diamond light of our true essential nature and become the antidote that uplifts and enlivens the whole.

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