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Awakened New Earth WayshoweR

"Embody the Beautyway"

Divine Wayshower Retreat
September 1-11th, 2023

Are you a transformational guide, Sacred Ceremonialist, Conscious Creator and/or an Awakened Heart Leader here to lead others into their Creative Self Mastery and Divine Natural embodiment? 

ANEW WAY is a highly curated transformational retreat that invites you to rebirth, reinvent and recalibrate your Divine sovereign embodiment and how to live in harmony with your unbridled expression and essential nature.

Be initiated into ten New Earth Archetypes that will transform how you authentically express yourself as an awakened Wayshower who inspires and guides others into their awakened and embodied Divinity. 

 R E C E I V E
 New Earth Archetypal Initiations
  Akashic Awakening Ceremonies
Somatic, Sonic and
 Sensual embodiment
New Earth Frequency Transmissions
5D Business Ignition 

R E P L E N I S H 
Daily Yoga & Somatic Dives
Ecstatic Dance
Swim with the dolphins in wild waters
Commune with the Whales

Enjoy epic Wild Sophia excursions 
New Earth Rituals

Soak in life-giving hotsprings
Eat delicious nourishing food
Love and be loved up by your
Awakened Heart Soul Family


Whales & Wayshowers

Awakened Heart Leadership for a Divine New Humanity

Your Divine presence and dazzling mermaid tails are being summoned to the magical island of

Sao' Miguel, Portugal for an embodied journey into the Wild Divine as we self initiate as empowered Wayshowers of a Divine New Earth Humanity. The Whales and dolphins are the true planetary guardians as they hold the living records of humanities highest potential as Emissaries of living Light. As a collective of awakened hearts we will journey through ten New Earth Archetypes that will open a treasure trove of dynamic and creative leadership gifts. This retreat is designed to support you to fully embody your divine soul gifts as we access endless creative ways to lead others into synergistic collaboration and New Earth paradigms of coherence, harmonic resonance and authentic connection. We will immerse ourselves in a pristine paradise as we activate our multi-dimensional light bodies, access the Akashic records, dance with our Divine natural intelligence and together usher in the Golden Age of Gaia.

What is Akashic Awakening?
Akashic Awakening™ is an energetic and somatic unwinding of the body and Soul that happens through partnering with the overlighting intelligence of Gaia Sophia and the Akashic Records. Through an inner and outer form of somatic movement woven with dynamic group inter-activation
, we come to embody our highest potential and deepen our connectivity to nature, each other and the Universe. In essence, Akashic Awakening™ is a transformational sound and soul movement modality that experientially guides participants into partnering with their Divine Essence while delivering you into greater consciousness, coherence, connectivity, community and celebration with the whole of creation.

Are you a Planetary Lightworker, Wayshower, Heart Centered leader?
Then you should know that each being that is called, comes divinely encoded to heal, transmute and reclaim their inner majesty and in so doing assists in returning the magic and sacred mana to Mother Earth. We gather with the shared intention to open ourselves to Life and one another—to be seen, felt, witnessed, reflected and celebrated in our most authentic Divine humanity. From the moment we sit down and gaze into one another’s eyes our contract ignites and the rest is pure magic, synchronicity and grace sprinkled with sumptuous doses of temple play. Coming from all corners of the globe, participants have a unique and sacred contract to fulfill that involves giving life to our highest potentialized selves as our greatest gift for the whole. As conduits and superconductors of Divine consciousness, we will lead and be lead, descend and ascend while simultaneously sharing our unique Soul gifts that compliment, catalyze and upgrade our own and collective on all levels and dimensions.

All modules will unfold in a variety of natural earth temples and

breathe taking natural locations










On day one we will arrive and create our unified resonant field, undress from ordinary perception and step into our multi-simensional magical selves. We will release the tethers that bind us to the false light/dark and step fully into our full Sovereign Divine embodiment. The evening Body Tales ceremony will give us an opportunity to honour each unique journey to arriving into this field of re-emberence and divine co-creation.


The Way of Wild Belonging

We create the inner and outer ground of integrated safety and trust such that we may tenderly dissolve the veils that stand between you, me, and our mutual divinity. Wild Belonging is both an expression and the source of flow state, where we find ourselves whole, found and at home inside our very own beloved skin! Wild Belonging is about having the faith to trust in the love, beauty intelligence of the “Grand Organised Design” of the multiverse, so we are inspired and free to share our unique genius as sovereign, receptive, attuned and empowered Creator beings!


 The Way of the New Earth Guardianship

This is our day to visit an epic waterfall to awaken to our New Earth Guardianship and specialties as we open up to our Divine Natural Intelligence (DNI) through gnosis with each other and the surrounding natural earth temples. We will explore opening our super natural gifts through awakened states of consciousness that bring us into direct gnosis, partnership and communion with our own and natures awakened intelligence.


The Way of Divine Union & the Trinity

Explore and embody your unique language and recipe for universal Love and sacred union. Melt the last barriers between the Divine Feminine and Masculine as you cultivate authentic and deep intimacy and connection within and as an embodied emissary of 5D unconditional Love, beauty intelligence. Be initiated into the trinitised field of regenerative love beauty intelligence that has the power to create and bestow life.


The Way of the Cosmic Heart Coherence 

On this day we will journey to Furnes Hotsprings as we open our 13 senses to communicate through feeling frequency, telepathy, elemental alchemy and the language of light. We deepen in our capacity to communicate through telepathic and oracular play through interacting with the elementals. Activate and access the Akashic Records and codes of light along that will support you to express your unique divination/offerings in the language of resonance dancing with awakened consciousness 


The Way of the Wild Muse

This is our day to delve into the wonder of the cetacean world as we play in the field of mutual awakening and further our explorations in the We spaceDiscover how Sacred play gives us direct access to the Divine’s infinite costume closet. Model and embody inclusivity, novel potentials and opportunities for greater than imagined co-creative synergy and dynamic group harmonics amongst the wild Divine Earth temples, dolphin kin and living waters.


The Way of the Christos Sophia

Embody the love beauty intelligence of the Christos Sophia, the Soul of nature who lifts the veils between all realms and dimensions and attunes us to the awakened heart fields of syntropy, synergy, symbiosis, and all prevailing supernatural beauty. Here we will discover our 5Dimensional light body and how we inter-activate with the supernatural world.


The Way of Gain Tantra 

This is our day to visit the  volcanic lakes to deepen and delve into the wonder of rewilding erotic innocence and sensory communion while exploring the endless trinities that awaken ecstatic states of gnosis, divine embodiment that awaken our erotic natural intelligence. Be initiated as a Wild Divine guardian of the natural world through reigniting your sacred covenant with the Soul of Nature.


The Way of the New Earth Wayshower

Be a part of creating a new social narrative for humanity through stepping into your unique leadership role as a New Earth Wayshower. This is a day of exploring non-dual leadership models that invite mutual awakening, shared leadership and dynamic inclusivity as the guiding light of creating unified fields of Oneness and inspired co-creation.


The Way of Ceremony & Celebration

To love, serve and celebrate full out is the way the awakened heart thrives in all of its expressions. On this day we will explore the art of Sacred Ceremony, Celebrations, Rites of Passage & Earth Rituals that can be customized to celebrate and honour individuals, groups and special occasions. Planetary prayer and water ceremony.

Meet the Team


Inaiya Ray

Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess, embodied wisdom guide and founder of The Living Chalice, New Earth Temple Arts for a Divine New Humanity. Her passion for personal and planetary awakening has lead her to over thirty three years of facilitating experiential trainings in Conscious Evolution and transformational Temple Arts throughout the world. She is an Akashic Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach and trauma informed somatic guide for heart centered awakening. Inaiya presently travels the world offering new Earth Ceremony, Transformational Retreats and Akashic Awakening Sessions to prepare beings to embody their Divine Sovereignty, polish their unique soul gifts and be a Divine Wayshower of the New Earth 


Azenya Burdett

Azenya - She who ignites the light within others. A Priestess of the Beauty Way, Medical Intuitive, Sound Weaver + Somatic Movement space-holder, designs Energy Tools in the form of jewelry, a conscious business mentor and mother of three incredible humans. With finely attuned senses, she supports others to express their most radiant selves. Azenya lives passionately through metaphysical and transformative arts, frequency therapy and a healthy sustainable lifestyles with her family. Azenya offers private sessions supporting one’s authentic beauty to shine by sourcing the root cause of dis-ease. Azenya believes that we are multi-faceted and multidimensional beings and her approach to vitality reflects this.


Space is limited to ten participants!

Reserve your place by July 22nd, and receive your early bird discount


Early Bird enroll before

July 31st 2,222 US

After July 31st

2,444 US

Includes full program, double occupancy room, transportation during the retreat, dolphin/whale excursion. Partial meal plan (some days we will dine out!) Please inquire about our payment plan.

Image by Ranae Smith

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