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A Magdalene Rose Priestess Pilgrimage

South of France, September, 17-24th 2022


Shining Womb

I am the voice speaking softly.
I exist from the first.
I dwell within the Silence,
Within the immeasurable Silence.
I descended from the midst of the Underworld And I shone down upon the darkness.
It is I who poured forth the Water.
I am the One hidden within Radiant Waters...
I am the image of the Invisible Spirit.
I am the Womb that gives shape to the All.
By giving birth to the Light that shines in splendor.

~ Gnostic Text, Trimorphic Protennia


“Embodying the Soul/Love essence is where the physical truly becomes a Chalice and Grail, a vessel for Spirit and the Elixir of Life ~ the Womb of Creation and Sacred Union that truly makes one available for a Love that includes all of Life. The Chalice is a symbol of embodied Divinity…the Holy Grail that dwells within. The gifts of love beauty intelligence are gathered and offered from the Chalice of our being as a gift that blesses the Earth and all beings. As we awaken the chalice of our being we come to integrate and embody new levels of conscious aliveness and inspired creativity and come to fully embody the truth and essence of our Divine nature - a ground of being from which we create our lives in service and as a blessing to the whole.”- Inaiya

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Inaiya Ray is a Wayshower of the Beauty Way and steward of The Living Chalice, an embodied Wisdom School for New Earth Temple Arts. Her life-long journey of personal and planetary awakening has led her to travel the world while pioneering the inner alchemy of Conscious Evolution and the birthing of a Divine New Humanity. Inaiya draws upon three decades of practicing Integrative Healing Arts and  facilitating experiential trainings such as; The Evolutionary Priest/Priestess, New Earth Wayshower and Akashic Awakening, a sonic and somatic unwinding of the body and soul that delivers one into greater consciousness, coherence and connectivity with one’s authentic Self and whole of creation.As an emissary of Gaia Sophia, Inaiya transmits the living intelligence of the Wild Divine. Her sacred ceremonies and global retreats are instilled with the magic and majesty of the moment. Weaving the wonders of the natural world with a plethora of experiential learning, she guides individuals into creative Self Mastery and mutual awakening that anchor new paradigms of Oneness and co-creation. Inaiya thrives in serving an international community, offering Akashic Awakening Intuitive readings, Bio-energetic attunements, Awakened Life Coaching and on-line courses that illuminate and polish the gifts of the Soul.


Gaia Sophia (the wisdom of the earth) embodies the virtues of love, innocence, stillness, and inclusiveness as she stands as a LIVING KEY to assist the human race in its return to balance/sovereignty while ACTIVATING the dormant CODES within this planet. Gaia Sophia is a Yoga Instructor, Master Energy Healer, Akashic Record Reader, Sacred Sweatlodge Water Pourer, steeped in Anthroposophy, Reiki Master, Channel, Sacred Vessel, Awakening Guide, and FRIEND to ALL of CREATION. Gaia comes from healers through her matriarchal lineage from Sumatra, Indonesia. She has also sources her wisdom from training within the Andean and Lakota lineages.You can discover her more by visiting www.gaiasophiahealing.comIn-person sessions are a deep dive into the Akashic Records, disentangling addictions, attachments, entities, and distractions, so you can arrive at your SELF and life can begin. I will teach you how to access the wisdom of your womb, how to connect with the grid system of the earth, and how to truly listen and receive; it is the way of the Divine Feminine. I will share with you how to identify distortions as they arise, how to clear them, and how your entire experience is a reflection and opportunity for your growth, until Earth no longer needs to serve as a school and the doorway out opens. Together we will surrender into trust and let the way unfold before us."



Are you feeling the call? We are calling in 8 beloveds to join us.

Book now to save your spot!


$888-1,888 US sliding scale US 

​End of registration 09/02/2022!

If you have any questions please contact Inaiya Ray or Gaia Sophia.


All facilitation, ceremonies, temple Arts, and activities including sacred time with the horses 


To make this retreat as affordable as possible we will all be splitting the accommodation and transportation which can also be booked individually at your own expense. We will connect you with each other to organize car sharing from airport to accommodation.

Private Akashic Readings with Inaiya and Gaia Sophia available upon prior booking and request

 Food will be organised by yourself (restaurants) and or the group for co-created home meals.

Does not include:

Food, Flights, transportation, PCR Test


Corona Situation:

You will be updated about any changes and new restrictions.

At the moment you only need a Covid Test or vaccination to enter France from any US, Canada or European country. Please check with your embassy of your own country, if you come from overseas.

​Looking forward to having a magical and magnificent time,

In Loving service to the Beauty Way

With boundless Love,

Inaiya Ray, Gaia Sophia and Sydney Leigh


Excerpt from Womb Wisdom, by Dr Azra & Serene Bertrand


The Feminine Christ is returning, as prophesied, to unite into Sacred Marriage the two powerful streams of love: agape – spiritual Divine Love from the subtle realms of spirit – and eros, the sensual, Primordial Love of the embodied realm of matter, which are complimentary expressions of the infinite Source of Creation and Love.


The Feminine Christ comes to rebirth the Way of Love, a path of redemption and resurrection within our own sacred bodies, and within our hearts and Souls.


She reminds us that the highest and deepest sacrament is pleasure, ecstasy, love. She brings the healing salve, “salvation”, to our wounds of separation and suffering – to the mistaken idea that we are set apart from the infinite love and mercy of our Creator, or the magical co-creative weave of the Web of Life that supports us.


In her Shining Womb of renewal, the Feminine Christ dissolves our psychic wounds that have pitted man against woman, humankind against Mother Gaia, dark against light. She reminds us of our connection, our longing for Union. The Feminine Christ unveils her bridal face so that we can remember who we truly are, and celebrate a world of life, renewal, communion and creativity.


She calls us to embrace the qualities of kindness, compassion, intimacy, pleasure, giving, receiving, tolerance, nurturance, abundance, communion, merging, sacred sexuality, sacred family, friendships of the heart – and to remember we are all brothers and sisters.


A Magdalene Priestess Pilgrimage

South of France, September, 17-24th 2022

Gaia Sophia, Inaiya Ray and Sydney Leigh are beyond excited to invite you to join them on a sacred pilgrimage and ceremonial gathering in the lands of Mary Magdalene in the South of France. In this 8 day experiential retreat, you will receive many powerful Akashic light codes of Universal Christ Consciousness, Sacred Union alchemy along with life changing energetic and somatic upgrades.


This sacred land hugging the Mediterranean Coast of Southern France is scintillating with universal Codes of Christ Consciousness and the way of embodied Divinity. Together with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene came all the way from Jerusalem where she lived many years with her daughter Sarah. This land is also the land of the Living Grail and the Cathars.


Saint Maries de la Mer along with St. Baume, her sacred cave, were among some of the most powerful places where she lived and taught on the alchemy of conscious awakening and divine sovereignty.

This land is also held by a rose crystal dragon who supported her and countless others to anchor our original Goddess codes of light and connection with the Divine Beloved within.


Join Inaiya Ray and Gaia Sophia as they guide us on a life changing  journey. Together we will co-create beautiful ceremonies in the hidden cave of Mary Magdalene to the crystalline shores of St. Maries De la Mer to activate, anchor and embody our Divinity and unearth the living geysers that awaken the heart light of a Divine New Earth Humanity.


As some of you may know much of the Grail Rider was experienced and written in these lands which taught the way of the living Grail. Now we return together, nearly two decades later to consecrate the full embodiment of this Holy Grail as it lives and breathes within each of us in union with the heart womb of Gaia and Universal Christ Consciousness.


This gathering is for everyone who feels the call to dive deeper into the essence and luminous connection to the rose lineage as we honour our unique pathway to Christ Consciousness and Inner Union with the Divine beloved.


This pilgrimage is also for all those called to work and co-create with the ongoing expanse of Earth vibrations, frequencies and be somatically connected to the wisdom light of the Feminine Christ as she rises together to usher in a new paradigm rooted in the harmonic resonance. It is through receiving the fullness of our true cosmic nature and anchoring that into our living physical fields that we become life giving fountains, a chalice, opening ourselves and pouring out into a resonant unified field that weaves the web of Oneness as a blessing for this emerging New Earth and All our relations.



Arrival: September 16-17th 2022

Day One: September 17

We will begin each morning with a Somatic embodiment practice

Saint Maximus Saint Baume ~

​Awakening the Cosmic Heart Ceremony with the Christos Sophia

Day Two: September 18th

Visit St. Baume, Mary Magdalene’s Caves

Shining Womb Ceremony with Mary Magdalene

Day Three September 19th

Travel to Saintes Marie De La Mer

Visit to Mary Magdalene’s & Black Sarah’s Cathedral

Sunset Breathe of Life Ceremony & Water Dance at the Sea

​Day Four: September 20th

The Way of Divine Sovereignty Ceremony

Homage to inner Gypsy Queen & Gypsy King with Sarah the Madonna

Dance of Primordial Source and Cosmic Sun at the Sea

Day Five: September 21st

Divine Sovereignty & Self Love Day

Preparing for the Inner Marriage Chamber

Manifesto to the Inner Christos Sophia

Day Six: September 22nd Equinox

Pilgrimage to Secret Sacred Site

Sunset Baptism & Inner Marriage Ceremony at the Sea

Day Seven: September 23rd

Interacting with the beloved Camargue Horses

Embodying the Cosmic Christ Ceremony

Day Eight: September 24th

Akashic Deep Dive Integration Day

Ceremony of the Living Chalice Ordination

Celebration Dinner and Dancing out on the town

Day Nine September 25th

Departure Day







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