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A New Myth is rising. Oh evolutionary impulse, boundless and bursting in the Avatar heart. Come forth!

Mythic players of exquisite aspect and luminous intent, receive this star signal transmission…a drop of lotus nectar anointed to the Sensual body of the third eye. Together let us beat our wings, mingle bloodlines, reveal our true lineages and vibrate as one Golden Ray. Let us gather, a ridiculous congregation, and drink the mysterious chalice! Fellow Wayshowers, pioneers and explorers, a bright new wind pulls our sails toward a greater than imagined event horizon.... so let us revel and in our revels be revealed as the Stewards of innocence, bestowers of life, the fools of Love, the jewels of joy, and the superstar avatars of a New Myth Rising.

In this Ceremonial playground we will be guided by
the wisdom light of the....


Cosmic Muse

The primary function of the Cosmic Muse is to reveal how our authenticity and creativity can support the evolutionary process and spiritual needs of our time.

All of this infinite potentiality is wrapped up as a sumptuous, scintillating, multidimensional package of novel combinations of wonder, awe and beauty.

The Muse is a here as a guardian and advocate of Divine innocence realised as unbridled co-creativity with the pulse of Divine inspiration. She is here for the enlivening of all.With integrity, trust, safety, and respect for all of life she opens to inspire, nurture and joyously entice the innate beauty and our true nature to be safely expressed and embraced. She serves through celebrating the soul gifts inherant in all beings through unconditional love and compelling invitations to simply bring our most authentic selves out to explore and play. The Cosmic Muse is here to spark our infinite potential and joyously support us in unleashing our greatest creative potential through awe, wonder and joyous participation with the universal love beauty intelligence of Creation.


Solar King

The Solar Masculine is the embodiment of sovereign Christ Consciousness, the creative,  pulsating and radiant Divine Masculine energy that is being re-membered and ignited on the planet at this time of evolutionary enlightenment. He is the heart centered guardian of pure creational power which is our true nature as original innocence. This is the fiercely protective and divinely receptive that is fueled by attuned purpose, in service to the Soul of nature and compliments the Solar Feminine. Together they bring back the living waters of deep feeling frequency mixed with compassionate action and in turn usher in an awakened

New Earth! 

"The Solar King embodies, indeed personifies the essence of the Divine Masculine. The fire that is the spark of creation imbued with the warmth and compassion for all living beings is the compass of the Solar King.   Balance and reciprocity fuel the inner purpose of this harbinger of strength and passion shines brightly… radiating love through all."-Dan Horton 


Divine Child

The Divine Child is born from the marriage, integration and balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. As the Solar androgyny, He/She is conceived from purity and birthed from the stardust of the Divine as a true being shining forth in the splendor of the wild divine. Also known as the sacred third in the Holy Trinity, the magical child is our Christed Self, a symbol of wholeness and unity, born from the integration and union of opposites. The magical child  embodies the golden codes of 5D awakened consciousness and highest creative expression.This  Divine Child returns us to our true essential nature bringing inspiration, integration and redemption to Gaia Sophia as She births herself anew, along with all those who choose the way of the open heart as a pathway home to our most authentic core. The New Earth will flourish with the heart of a child, the wisdom light of the Divine Feminine and the Majestic presence of the Divine Masculine dancing together in  symbiotic union with all of nature while creating life-giving beauty as a blessing for all.

The cosmic Muse

I play, I Invite, I inspire,


Light: Imagination, creativity, inspiration, beauty, mutability, fluidity, spontaneity, wonder, vulnerability, magic, humor, joy,
playfulness, spontaneity, sensitivity, mystical perception, gifts and talents, celebration, bard.

Shadow: Ungroundedness, comparism, one-upmanship, stagnation, unaccountability, scattered creative focus, impatience, lack of discipline, flightiness, boredom, non-completion, avoidance, irresponsibility, avoidance, creative “blocks”.

Colors: turqouise, aquamarine, white, gold

Animals: hummingbird, dragonfly, Pegasus, butterfly

Flowers: colorful mixed bouquets

Symbols: Rainbow, faiery, elves, angels, flowers, wind, breath, dolphin, masks,

mermaids, sprites, nymphs, magical child.

Tools of the Muse: the magic wand, Faery Crown and all gifts of novelty

Light Codes associated with the Muse:

A return to innocence, adaptability, fluid reference points, novel combinations, unbridled creativity.

Elements: air, fire, water, earth, ether

Minerals: aquamarine, turquoise, blue topaz, chrysocolla

Sacred geometry: 3D tetrahedron

Alchemical Process: (Under the operation of distillation) This process is the alchemical journey is sublimato. At this gate guardian, there is asked as an offering a slowing down, a cooling. Through the subliming process of passing from a solid to a vapor and then condensing again into a solid, the vessel is strengthened to better contain the energy and heat of the archetypal fires amplifying with mutability that brings to considious catharsis, any impedance patterns which block Divine fusion.

Mantras “Now now here here anything is possible” “That was easy!” “I’m not boring ring god/goddess anymore.”

Arrive & Settle 6:00 pm

6:30-9:30 Journey into the Temple of the Muse to meet your Master Muse guides

Council of All Beings Cacao Ceremony

10:10 Akashic Awakening: Return to Original Innocence, Timeline Clearing
Birthing the Magical Child
1:11 Picnic Lunch
2:33 Sophia's Garden, The Soul of nature and The Art of Giving Life
3:33 Spontaneous Musical Creation Lab with Jameson Oak

4:44 Transformational Theatre with Daniel Horton
6:33 Mad Hatter Tea Party and Cosmic Muse Soul Gift Salon

What to bring
A variety of ceremonial, archetypal, outdoor clothing and shoes, something to sit on the ground, costume pieces to share...

think sensual play.... Mythic Council, Madhatter Tea Party, Muse, Magical Child! 
Yoga mat, journal, water bottle, snacks to share, instruments, 3 crystals representing the three archetypes, a Cosmic Muse hat or crown, 

 baby picture if you have one.

Meet Team Cosmic Muse


Jameson Oak

Jameson Oak is a music producer, DJ, musician, healer, druid, storyteller, and ceremonialist originally from Southern California and Utah, and currently living in Mt. Shasta. He has been performing in the dance and conscious scene for over 15 years having played at a variety of festivals, clubs, parties, and events in Southern California, as well as Burning Man, Utah, and Mt. Shasta. He weaves his own productions, live music, and select songs together to illuminate a tapestry of the soul, holding sacred space for those to dive deep into the journey.  Jameson Oak will merge his gifts together to offer up a collective transmutation through the power of sound and music at Cosmic Muse, interwoven with his spontaneous Elven Kingly ways throughout the journey.


Inaiya Ray

Inaiya Ray is an Evolutionary Priestess of the Beauty Way, Akashic Intuitive and Founder of The Living Chalice, Academy of New Earth Temple Arts. Her lifelong journey of personal and planetary awakening has led her to embody and serve the inner alchemy of conscious evolution and the birthing of a divine New Humanity for over three decades. As an emissary of Gaia Sophia, Inaiya emanates the sublime frequencies of the Christos Sophia and the living intelligence of the land that calls to her.  She facilitates an array of transformational Temple Arts, Sacred Ceremony and offers Akashic Awakening readings and energetic attunements throughout the world. She is the author of The Grail Rider, Return to the Heart of the Wild Divine Sophia and presently resides in Mount Shasta, California. Please visit her at:


Daniel Horton

Dan Horton is an actor, voice over artist, writer, producer, teacher, transformational workshop leader, adventure guide and certified hypnotherapist (cht). Dan began his acting career in Los Angeles in 1994 and has appeared in over forty television shows and films. Dan is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and has worked with clients in one on one life coaching, visioning and hypnotherapy as well as leading and co-leading transformational workshops and visioning.  Mr. Horton is extremely excited to be part of “The Cosmic Muse” in majestic Mount Shasta, knowing it will be an enlivening and amazing adventure that will integrate nature, sacred ceremony, art, music, healing, transformation and a whole lot of fun! Let the “Cosmic Muse” soar into our hearts and allow her Divine inspiration to ripple through us all.

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