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Evolutionary Love...

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

It is at the core of what we are all truly longing for?

W h a t i s E v o l u t i o n a r y L o v e?

“Evolutionary love is a dancing with the essential nature of this evolutionary God. It is at once profoundly peaceful and profoundly passionate, deeply solitary, and absolutely engaged with relationship on every level. These paradoxes come together in the nature of The One. We have been invited onto the burning dance floor of life to partake of something of the full nature of God, to know that we are eternal, and to know too that we are evolving in time and through time with the glory and the passion of the Mother. To bring these two forms of divine knowledge together and experience them together is to enter into the great evolutionary transformation of the Universe.”

“Evolutionary Love” is just that, an ever-evolving experience of what it means to live in Sacred Union with God/Goddess within and without. By exploring what your “Inner Beloved” is truly capable of, while balancing and acknowledging the Feminine and Masculine energies that we each carry within…we come to create the fertile ground to bring forth our Divinely inspired creations as our Legacy of Love that enlivens the whole..

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