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Chi Nei Tsang

The Sovereign Womb immersion 

December 26-29th, 2023
Bliss Haven, Mazunte MExico

THe Sovereign Womb-Recovered_edited.jpg


CHI NEI TSANG is an ancient Taoist visceral touch that frees us from internal charges which are preventing us from feeling, healing and enjoying life to the fullest.


Embody Level One Internal Organ Massage

Learn 12  Chi Nei Tsang womb/hara healing touches

Align the Six Conditions for sustained healing & core radiance

Release suppressed emotional charges & energetic stagnation

Experience Taoist Chi Gong: The Microcosmic Orbit,

Inner Smile & Breathe of Life

Clear cords, circuitry & traumatic memory imprints

from the womb/hara

Reclaim and reformat the sovereign womb/hara &

creative lifeforce energy

"I highly recommend working with Inaiya. She is completely in a league of her own. If you have been magnetized to her offerings and infinite mastery and get the chance to taste such a high level of source activation, clearing and recalibration, you are in the right place and will never regret it! Inaiya sees your souls ultimate divine mission and brilliantly reconnects, reawakens and realigns you to your true embodiment and souls purpose in this life. Thank you beautiful Inaiya for the precious gifts you have given me in clearing my contracts once and for all at the deepest level, rewiring my unconscious beliefs and connecting me to my lion guides in the most resonant and impactful way!"

Inaiya Ray is an advanced Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and trauma informed somatic and energetic healer. She facilitates an array of transformational Temple Arts, Sacred Ceremony and offers Akashic Coaching, Chi Nei Tsang and Energetic attunements throughout the world. Inaiya draws upon three decades of guiding countless beings into greater embodied intimacy with one’s authentic Self, Source and Divinity. Her intuitive healing touch married with her experiential wisdom, guide individuals home to relax into their true essential nature, radiant core and authentic sovereign embodiment.  

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