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Divine Natural Intelligence

Akashic Awakening Accelerator

Master Class & Living Transmission

Wednesday, May 4th- May 25th 2022

1:00-3:00 pm PST 2:00-4:00EST


Inaiya empowers 5D Priestesses and Wayshowers of the new earth to rise and embody the fullness of their divinE soul gifts as a luminous blessing for all!

Join Inaiya for this experiential transmission of aligning and igniting our co-creational resonance as we activate the 33 wisdom light codes of 5D New Earth embodied consciousness along with the four pillars of Divine Natural Intelligence.
"I highly recommend working with Inaiya, her connection to the Akashic Records, your souls true essence and divine blueprint is unlike anything I have ever witnessed before - truly infinite and incredible in its magic. In all of my life I have never had the pleasure to experience anything like it. She is completely in a league of her own. If you have been magnetized to her offerings and infinite mastery and get the chance to taste such a high level of source activation, clearing and recalibration, you are in the right place and will never regret it! Inaiya sees your souls ultimate divine mission and brilliantly reconnects, reawakens and realigns you to your true souls purpose in this life. Thank you beautiful Inaiya for the precious gifts you have given me in clearing my contracts once and for all at the deepest level, rewiring my unconscious beliefs and connecting me to my lion guides in the most resonant and impactful way!"

What does it mean to co-create a shared New Earth Culture?

As ever evolving social artists, pioneers and change agents we are the ones laying down the tracks for the emergence of a healthy thriving New Earth and all those empowered to express their unique creativity, model bold solutions, and positively impact our ever- evolving and transforming world.



“The true meaning of 5d culture, community and co-creation is to come into

the whole without losing ones unique and individual spark.”


4 Live two hour transmissions (valued $777)

33 Golden Rainbow Heart Codes for the New Earth ($333)

Essential Activated Frequency Upgrades (priceless)

Akashic Awakening Interactive Q&A ($222) 

Embody the Four Pillars

of a Divine New Earth

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