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YOU are the most important thing to the harmony of the universe

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The dance of embodying your Divine Sovereign nature in the 3rd dimension:

To be sovereign is to come into our true individuated nature as Divine Creators within a field of infinite Oneness... in such a way that celebrates all beings co-existing and co-creating within a field of infinite potential and possibilities.... The ongoing stewardship of our true sovereign nature translates as the perception of our innate innocence. Innocence is what vibrationally attunes us to our authentic power as Creator beings partnering with the universal forces of Love Beauty Intelligence.

Being rooted in our authentic Self, the monadic still point of consciousness is the portal that opens us to the infinite potential of the all that is. To return to our original innocence is to return to everything from a place that has the capacity to genuinely enliven, uplift and be in a state of Grace with the whole.

Well, how do we get there....We get there by being there! Your whole physical reality has to become YOU not from the outside but from the inside. This is the natural process of evolution as humans…we are coming back to wholeness, which is our highest frequency as we move up and out of the programming and coming back to our authentic Self. The third dimensional field which is predominantly what we are in is designed to create massive illusions and distractions to who and what we are that we literally and energetically cyphon out these energetic programs so we can come back to who we have always been within the physical body that got cyphoned from the moment we were birthed out and entered into the matrix of physicality. And everyday people are trudging along…doing there best to keep up with a system that is predominantly designed to misalign us with the very truth and essence of our true nature. Its an internal game but we are playing in a 3rd dimensional world where most being have opted in for staying in the illusive hypnotic trance that spins us into an artificial candy coated world that loops us in the of perception of lack, ambition and pursuit.

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