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What is Akashic Awakening

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Everything that we experience is designed to awaken us to our true and authentic nature...wholeness

What is Akashic Awakening? Akashic Awakening is a way to take yourself from confusion, dis-ease, exhaustion, and frustration to empowerment, joy, clarity, wellness, and creative expression. These practices teach you to build new internal circuitry that supports your true nature as an energy being. By reestablishing a natural flow of energy in the body, you create a shift in your identity from unconscious Personality to Awakened Divine Self. Akashic Awakening gives you the tools to feel and know in your body, mind, and spirit that everything in your life is energy. You will live underneath the level of the mind and its stories, in your core and away from drama and pain. Seeing life from this deep and rich perspective changes the meaning of nearly everything you engage with. As you bring your conscious awareness into your body, you’ll find that the Akashic Awakening codes are incredibly grounding, which enables you to perceive a higher level of consciousness overall, like the tree deepening its roots in order to grow taller. By living as the energy being you are, you are able to embody your true gift to the world without hesitation or doubt. The need to fit in or belong diminishes when we see and experience ourselves as made of creative energy and as natural leaders, rather than following the crowd or comparing ourselves to others. With your new knowledge of yourself as a creator, you’ll experience patience and presence that you’ve never known before and step into life as the leader you never knew yourself to be. Practicing the Akashic Awakening Codes also just feels good and allow you to experience your truest version of yourself. As the energy flow is restored, you will start to see multiple positive changes right away. These can include: improvements and healing in mental, emotional, and physical dysfunctions and dis-ease; greater energy, motivation, and clarity; balance and well-being in every area of your life; and perceiving your true nature and living your divine purpose. Rather than “thinking” your way through life, you’ll find yourself feeling very clear from deep within your core, stepping into life as if it is “meant to be” and is happening in your favor. You will know that everything in her life is working toward your awakening and life will continue to unfold in greater than imagined ways. Spirit is power—the greatest force of nature—and you are that spirit. The Akashic Awakening Codes go further by triggering the Quantum Flip and catapulting you to live as a conscious, awakened being of energy, and help sustain you in this new way of living. It is about embodiment and living as the creative-genius energy being that you are. It will radically change how you experience and create in every area of your life. We are part of a greater truth, a greater state of being, than we are usually aware of. This has been taught since the beginning of time, but while many indigenous cultures live this truth, our modern religious, cultural, and social structures have drawn us away from that spiritual/energetic/connected reality. Quantum science has supported that knowing by proving that we are all connected to each other, to the earth, and to our physical world. Now it is our cultural and spiritual job to catch up to that science, and to live as true energy beings, with the deep knowing that energy is all that exists.

1. Everything is energy. 2. Your life is a reflection of your essence and energy. 3. You are the co-creator of your life. 4. Your creation—your life—is always expanding and becoming more beautiful. 5. The purpose of your life is to discover your divine creatorship and how it contributes to the whole.

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