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You are invited to be a part of an ever-evolving family of kindred hearts as we join to support and amplify our highest timelines and potentials with the loving guidance of the Akashic Records and evolutionary guides. Join Inaiya for a bi-weekly Akashic Awakening Attunement Call as we consult with the Akashic Records to polish our Wings, embody our soul gifts and uplevel all areas of our lives with consistent loving support, ease, grace and sublime beauty.

Join Inaiya for a bi-monthly Akashic attunement CALL where we will clear the cobwebs, illuminate our authentic truth & polish the gifts of our a high frequency container for all those called to embody & Lead the way of the awakeNed Heart & New Earth paradigms.

Beginning Sunday, August 27th 

6:30 pm Sydney Australia

8:30pm New Zealand

4:30pm Bali, Indonesia

9:30 am London

Beginning September 10th every 2nd & 4th a new time! 

5:30 pm California, USA

2:30 pm Hawaii

7:30 pm Mexico

10:30 am Sydney, Australia

12:30pm New Zealand

8:30 Bali, Indonesia

Replays will be available!

Attunement is a bi-weekly call to receive precision reflective guidance to support you to Align,Attune and actualize your highest timelines and divinely inspired creation

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